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  2. hmmm, not quite complimenting for a s14. sorry mate, but its personal choice
  3. Stereotypical driver busted for speeding...

    i was about to say the same thing! but still... what an idiot not really, most parts of welly road is straight and down hill! very easy to get up speed. also he would have been in excess of 130km/h to 140km/h. may have been a gtr and not a gtst as someone said as they are cheap as now and plenty around. so what if its over the power to wieght ratio. majority of members here own cars that are over the power to weight ratio. and many of us have disable the speed restrictor/limiter. the cops were too linient, they should have impounded the car for at least 3 monts (extenuating circumstances are present to bypass the initial 48hr impound period). then they should take him to court and make him have a massive fine (about 5k) as well as court costs and impound and towing fees. then they should take away his priviledge to drive for at least 12 months and also give him about 12 months of a community based order at may be the alfred hospital trauma ward to see first hand the damage road accident have to the human body and the emmotional trauma that follows. angelo
  4. In Need Of A 180sx Head Light

    +1 for holfords. they might just have the loom and plugs that you need instead of the whole unit
  5. good mechanix in melbourne

    GSB Automotive in glen waverly is good too - for all types of cars.
  6. who's going....

    for sure! to bulla. cos its cheap for me (monash uni has a chalet for staff and students) costs about $120 (from memory) for the week and you get discounted rental and discounted passes for the lifts!
  7. Do you want to update Garmin GPS?

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  9. proton engine swap

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  10. Do you want to update Garmin GPS?

    Thank you for sharing!
  11. Adelaide Dyno Tuners

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  12. Logistic companies in pakistan

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  14. 4g93e

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  15. 4g93e

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  17. Hey there posted a thread that had no replies a couple of years ago back when I could remember the password for my old NS account Anyhow when I 1st got my car around 7 years ago it used to always ideal @ around -62 x 100 KPA I changed the plugs one day and it decided to idle @ around -.58 - .60 x 100 KPA SInce then I have doe all sorts of things bigger turbo, cams/springs, ECU injectors E85 and the idle vac for the most part likes to hang around -.58 kpa x 100 I've been a bit sus on my VCT working properly the last few years although no crazy tractor noises. The last few days I seem to have gained some vacuum with the car now choosing to idle at around -.60 to -.61 kpa x 100 Nothing has changed, I can understand that you can pick up a idle vacuum leak from a leak in a line or cooler pipe but that sort of thing won't get better on its own only worse. Any ideas? and also can VCT problems be related to fluctuating idle vacuum???
  18. Adelaide Dyno Tuners

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  19. Different diff oil

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  20. cressida grande

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  22. Differential Question

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  23. R200 diff identification

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  24. Bitcoin Thread

    I know that cryptocurrency investments can make a profit. I set up payment in cryptocurrency in my online store. I accept payment by bitcoins and when bitcoin began to fall in price, I decided to sell it before it's too late. I found HiRiBi on the Internet, I read a lot of reviews about this online exchanger and I decided that since there are the highest rates, I can try to exchange my bitcoins. It turned out pretty profitably, I got more money than if I tried to sell them through another exchange, but then bitcoin began to rise in price again and I realized that before you invest in cryptocurrency or sell it, you need to know more about trends in the cryptocurrency market. It's quite difficult for a beginner.
  25. Trustworthy Japan Exporters?

    Because the wavy stand addresses and also chevron routine tends https://www.hoopafootwears.com/balenciaga-track-sneaker-c-3.html to make the next physical appearance, the particular efficiency remains in the same way excellent. Despite having this kind of color ways supplying any see-through outsole. Toe-offs sense robust and also protected although speedy prevents and also course adjustments (toe drag) sense protected. It is a create it doesn't requite significantly wiping in any way, just about all failed to offer you any one of in which squeak that the majority of participants have a tendency to gravitate toward. Appear by no means means grip, therefore i probably would not permit in which take the time an individual.
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