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MCA Gold Coilovers for S15 - 30,xxxx kms

02 April 2017 - 12:28 PM

Selling my beloved S15 MCA Gold series coiloverscheaper than the MCA Red series.
The Golds are all custom hand made and designed for all road setups.

Springs are King Springs, 400 lbs (7.1 kg) front and 325 lbs (5.8 kg) rear spring rate, linear springs.
Only used for 30,xxx kms, daily for a year and then a weekend only car with the odd hill run.

Not required yet but these can either be rebuilt at any motorcycle shop or at the MCA workshop in QLD.

Car was defected so had to change back to stock and decided to save for an engine build.
Has many adjustments for travel, castor (over 9 degrees each side), front camber, front toe, rebound and dampening.
They can get very low but depends if you want to look cool or care about roll centre correction for handling.

You can call Josh or Murray Coote for support on these from the MCA suspension website:


Asking $2500 or near offer.

Local pickup welcome from West of Adelaide or southern suburbs area.

Any questions, just ask.


***Genuine Endless Brake Pads for Sale! SS-M, MXRS, CC-Rg

03 March 2017 - 11:05 PM

Selling premium genuine unopened Japanese Endless brake pads for Evo, GTR, Chaser, V35, Skyline, 350Z & WRX. Get the pads you won't look back on and last longer. There's a reason they are called Endless! Includes both front and rear for premium Jap pads!
Available for various setups such as decent street upgrade over OEM with low dust, no noise and laster longing pad that bites well (SS-M) , street and track purpose that works good even when cold (MXRS) or a weekend track warrior that still drives home well even when cold (CC-Rg).

Details below:
SS-M | 0 -530 degrees C

MXRS | 50-700 degrees C

CC-Rg | 50 - 800 degrees C
http://www.endless-s...ucts/pad_1a/117 - CC-Rg

NOTE: The less the graph is coloured in yellow, the more aggressive the pad.
Google reviews on these and you will know they are the real deal.

FREE postage Australia Wide!

Any questions just ask.

Sold in complete sets only, price list below:
Code Series Model Placement RRP You Pay EP400 SSM 350Z V35 350Z V35 Brembo Front $670.00 $560.00 EP408 SSM 350Z V35 350Z V35 Brembo rear EP400 MXRS 350Z V35 350Z V35 Brembo Front $718.00 $600.00 EP408 MXRS 350Z V35 350Z V35 Brembo rear EP400 CCRG 350Z V35 350Z V35 Brembo Front $792.00 $660.00 EP408 CCRG 350Z V35 350Z V35 Brembo rear EP357 SSM Evo V-X, Evo V-X, STi Brembo front $737.00 $560.00 EP291 SSM Evo V-IX, Evo V-IX, STi, R33/R34 Brembo rear EP357 MXRS Evo V-X, Evo V-X, STi Brembo front $718.00 $600.00 EP291 MXRS Evo V-IX, Evo V-IX, STi, R33/R34 Brembo rear EP357 CCRG Evo V-X, Evo V-X, STi Brembo front $831.60 $660.00 EP291 CCRG Evo V-IX, Evo V-IX, STi, R33/R34 Brembo rear EP290 SSM Nissan R33/R34, Nissan R33/R34, 350Z Brembo front $703.50 $540.00 EP291 SSM Nissan V-IX, Evo V-IX, STi, R33/R34 Brembo rear EP290 MXRS Nissan R33/R34, Nissan R33/R34, 350Z Brembofront $718.00 $560.00 EP291 MXRS Nissan V-IX, Evo V-IX, STi, R33/R34 Brembo rear EP290 CCRG Nissan R33/R34, Nissan R33/R34 Brembo, 350Z front $792.00 $600.00 EP291 CCRG Nissan V-IX, Evo V-IX, STi, R33/R34 Brembo rear EP351 SSM Subaru WRX Subaru WRX Front DB1170 $694.00 $560.00 EP231 SSM Subaru WRX Subaru WRX rear DB1220 EP351 MXRS Subaru WRX, Subaru WRX, Nissan R32,S14 Front $755.00 $600.00 EP231 MXRS Subaru WRX Subaru WRX rear DB1220 EP351 CCRG Subaru WRX, Subaru WRX, Nissan R32,S14 Front $792.00 $660.00 EP231 CCRG Subaru WRX Subaru WRX rear DB1220 EP292 SSM Chaser JZX100 Chaser JZX100 Front $737.00 $560.00 EP352 SSM Chaser JZX100 Chaser JZX100 Rear

Contemplating 300+rwkw Unopened SR...

22 November 2015 - 09:45 PM

Ok, I've been thinking of taking a dive and attempting to break (hopefully not the motor) 300 rwkw+ on a street and occasional track E85 unopened S15 Spec R SR20DET.

First of all I understand:
  • Increased risk of blowing the stock head gasket being 17+ years old
  • Piston rings will get hot, hoping E85 will help and street dirven yet spirited style keeps it somewhat cool
  • The S15 6 speed isn't strong, keep in mind I have had the circlip mod done and I will stick with the dual mass flywheel for cushioning with no clutch kicks. Oil will be Lightweight Shockproof. Clutch is an NPC 10" organic handling 320+ rwkw.
  • Hope the stock rocker arms don't shatter
  • The big-ends doesn't soddomise me with it's big-end
  • Yes, I know a forged motor would be a better idea but read on further down
Current mods are all the usual bolt-ons and safely reaches 256+ rwkw on E85 currrently on a hot day.

What I need to do before attempting the build:
  • Confirm fitment with the low mount 6boost manifold then purchase a GT3071R T25 56t 0.63 A/R turbo
  • Turbosmart external wastegate plumbed before cat
  • Quality Fuel Rail with Bosch 1150cc injectors
  • Turbosmart 1200 FPR (stock FPR won't flow enough)
  • E85 will require larger fuel lines (3/8" I believe),, to be installed.
  • Install Tomei Poncam 256 11.5mm IN / Procam 260 12mm EX
  • Supertech 75lb Valvesprings
Aim will be reaching 300+ rwkw @ 18 - 18.5 PSI on E85.

Anything else I need to consider or that I've missed, please fill me in.

Why? - I love to get more power as always but also to prove reliability for a street driven SR20, obviously if I was on a track I would drop the boost down to say 15 PSI as it would just be a risk in my opinion at such high temps.

This will be before going down the VET path, I'm still a couple of years off from that.

I still want it to be responsive as I'm currently running the GTX2863R 0.63 A/R turbo with GReddy Easy step 1 cams (256, 10.5mm IN EX), yet full boost is still at 4000 RPM...I think the 3071R will still feel as powerful down low as well but much more fun at mid and top range.

Let me know any concerns or factors which I need to consider please, I'm not attempting to become another "Red Dragon" example but I would like to know what I need to do before having to change pistons, rings, etc as E85 can keep the engine temps down and provide more power at the same time.


E85 Under Attack in SA! RAA Deciding if E85 Will Continue in SA!

26 August 2015 - 10:58 PM

Hi guys,

I sent an email to RAA asking why E85 has recently been fixed at $132.9 as we do get less KMs from E85.
In short his answer was that retailers can charge whatever they want...typical response.

Attached is the email:

Thank you for your email regarding E85 prices.

You are correct that if E85’s fuel price was based on the energy it contained, it should be 26% less than regular unleaded petrol. However fuel retailers can charge whatever price they want and often include other incurred costs related to the fuel.

As you are obviously aware, Caltex has withdrawn its E85 blend due to low turnover and a number of tanks needed to be drained as the E85 had expired, which was a great expense to Caltex.

In United Petroleum’s case, we don’t regularly receive E85 fuel prices, but below is a quick list of E85 and ULP prices at various Adelaide locations as of midday today.

Unleaded Petrol


United Pooraka



United Pennington



United Seaton



United Adelaide Airport



For today at least, E85 and regular unleaded are sold at the same price at Pooraka, Seaton and Adelaide Airport. United Pennington has been engaged in a petrol price war over the last week with surrounding retailers and may have made the decision to not drop its E85 price in-line with its unleaded price to protect its margins given their petrol prices are near cost price. Since they are the only retailer in the market offering E85 they feel they can get away with charging whatever price they wish.

At this time, we are trying to determine whether United Petroleum will continue to supply E85 in South Australia.
I trust you find this information of interest.

My regard,
Christopher West
Senior Policy Analyst

What is disturbing is that they are determinig whether E85 will continue to supply to SA!!!

My response was that this will create a huge stir for motor enthusiasts and it would also be backwards against the fact it's a cleaner fuel. I also said I'd be happy to pay perhaps marginally more than pay a premium for a 205L drum at least.

NOTE: You can contact RAA but check POST #3 first.

Keep fighting! E85, it's our right GRRR!!!!

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