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Legal Attorney's Training Log 

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#1 Legal Attorney

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Posted 06 November 2008 - 03:56 PM


Currently weigh 75kg.

Today I threw most of my program in the bin.

OUT with all the isolation crap like flyes, triceps extension, leg curls etc
STILL will used compound moves like d/b presses but will not include them just yet, want to have squats, deadlifts military press..then bench dominating my workouts..
WANT to include things like powercleans, push press as variation to standing mp...etc..

Today's workout..

Started with chinups for half an hour.. with rest in between.. followed a 1 rep, 2 rep, 3 rep 4 rep, 5 rep, 1 rep etc style set..

Squatted 110kg for 5 reps for 5 sets.. although didn't quite make the last set.. got to 4

Dead lifted 130kg for 5 reps for multiple sets..

Problem with the bar slipping from my hand.. as i reached the last end of the movement

Wasn't very intense due to the rest in between sets.. at least it is a start in the right direction me thinks..

#2 Legal Attorney

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Posted 09 November 2008 - 12:45 PM


Took a break as I was a bit sore in my shoulders after the previous session..

Felt I achieved more out of squats and less out of deadlifts..

5 x 5 Deep Squats 120kg

Got to the fifth set.. performed 3 and got too unbalanced leaning forward in the hole..

Attempted 130kg deadlift, managed to perform a couple but kept stopping and starting..

Ended up dropping the weight to 100kg and performed 4 sets of 5 reps...

Also chucked in a set of 70kg x 10 reps of bench which felt very light.. lol this was for fun :)

Feel like progress is being made though as I am quite new to having squats and deadlifts creating most of my workout..

Not as sore as the first workout..

#3 m&m

  • Joined:16-October 04
  • Location:Australia VIC
  • Car:Silver Evo 7

Posted 09 November 2008 - 02:19 PM

Nice work, I think you may have just got it, nice weight used as well.

#4 Legal Attorney

  • Joined:29-October 06
  • Location:Australia SA

Posted 10 November 2008 - 07:43 PM

^^ Thank you for your devout wisdom and knowledge.. I now can separate the weak and the strong at my gym lol :)


5 X 5 Bench press 100kg

5 X 5 Military press standing 50kg.. attempted 60kg quite a few times, completed several reps over several little sets but found that my balance was off.. felt too unfamiliar..
the 50kg weight felt relatively light.. completed the 5 sets in under 6 min..

5 x 5 dumbell shoulder press at high incline.. one before 90 degrees.... 30kg each.. felt nice and strong..

did a muck around where i loaded the smith machine with 100kg, placed the bar on the bottom and just pulled as high as i could for as long as i could...

finished off with 30kg dumbbell squats.. 5 x 5.. found technique fairly easy.. could have gone heavier but want to get technique down before i attempt heavier loads.. also took into account whether or not ill be dead lifting and squatting tomorrow or the day after (wed) depending on how back feels... can feel lower back when i extend hips forward but not 'sore' as such..

#5 NPR33

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  • Car:Mitsubishi EVO 8

Posted 10 November 2008 - 08:36 PM

100kg bench for 5x5 reps is impressive at 75kg bodyweight. Well done.

#6 Legal Attorney

  • Joined:29-October 06
  • Location:Australia SA

Posted 10 November 2008 - 10:42 PM

View PostNPR33, on Nov 10 2008, 09:19 PM, said:

100kg bench for 5x5 reps is impressive at 75kg bodyweight. Well done.

aww.. thanks :P i felt though i could have gone heavier.. although im happy ive established a proper workout pace with the right exercises... just have to focus on lifting now..

#7 Legal Attorney

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  • Location:Australia SA

Posted 11 November 2008 - 04:44 PM


Really weak effort at the gym today.. just didn't feel like i could squat consistent heavy weights.. maybe because thats why you only squat twice a week with the skinny guy routine... maybe becasue my body hasnt adapted to a high squat and deadlift level..

but i really felt annoyed.. really pissed me off..like i was scared of going down.. like it was unfamiliar..


130kg 2 reps 2 sets

120kg 2 reps 2 sets

100kg 5 reps 2 sets

80kg 6 reps 3 sets - focused on speed rather than weight in this set..

overall.. all over the shop.. not good enough...

stiff leg deadlift

5 x 5 80kg


5 x 5 60kg.. technique was all wrong.. hardly squatted in the second phase of the motion

In conclusion, it was a light session, lasted an hour.. will have Wednesday and Thursday off in order to recover so i can hit deadlift and squats deep and hard on friday..

Heres to another few hours watching deadlift and squatting videos on ns.. with also cleans, high pulls low pulls etc as i really want to include a lot of the strength lifting into my workout.. :beer:

#8 Legal Attorney

  • Joined:29-October 06
  • Location:Australia SA

Posted 17 November 2008 - 03:51 PM


weighed myself.. now at 78kg.. as opposed to 75kg on the 6/11/08

Went to gym last friday, rather not talk about that..just deadlifted all 1 hour.. didnt really nail squats like i would have..

went to a new weightlifting club.. had a quick session on techniques on cleaning, clean and press, snatch etc..

want to get into this.. but transport is an issue.. selling car this week so have to organise my routine next week..

today much better.. warmed up with 60kg for 2 sets..


attempted 130kg but on going down felt like i could not control it.. weight was too heavy.. thats what it felt like... i am looking into getting some proper weightlifting shoes.. apparently JOSHUA johns is really good for that ;)

played around with 130kg.. mostly 1 or 2 reps.. for several sets..

realising that this was probably a weak effort.. started with 100kg.. did 2 sets for 5 reps... nice and deep.. felt good..

upped the weight to 120kg and did 4 sets for 5 reps... also felt nice and heavy.. felt really pumped.. couldnt walk straight..

upped the weight to 130kg.. 3 reps then failed...

not my best performance.. have to somehow variate my squats.. will look into this on here.. light weight maybe and 20 reps??? who knows..

deadlifts.. 120kg 5 x 5..

once again.. not my best performance.. but yea.. was buggered.. 1 and a half hour session..

EDIT: just read the 20 squat topic.. i dont even warm up properly.. omg.. im a dick.. maybe now i can really nail squats on the head with the right shoes (doing them in runners at the moment..) and a proper warm up...

watch this space for wed/thursdays squat and deadlift session..
also got told that doing squats and deadlifts on the same day.. dude wheres your structure.. i dont really care mr pt.. im not a bitch and its working for me!!! will still chuck in chest and shoulders in between my squat and deadlift day.. and whatever i feel like

#9 Legal Attorney

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  • Location:Australia SA

Posted 18 November 2008 - 03:27 PM


warmed up the rotator stuff.. warmed up with a few light benches..

bench press

1 - 3 reps of 120kg for 4 sets..

dropped weight to 100kg benched 5 reps easily.. did this for about 3 sets

attempted 120kg for 1 last set.. ended up with 1 or 2 reps cant remember..

dropped weight to 110kg.. did 3 reps for about 3 sets..

finished off with 2 sets of 100kg of 4 - 5 reps...

Incline press

did about 4 or 5 sets of 40kg.. 5 reps a set..

reached 4 reps.. didnt nail the 5th.. got halfway up on most occasions..

dropped weight to 35kg.. completed 5 reps..

finished off with pullovers.. 30 and 35kg.. 5 - 6 reps for 3 sets..

all in all.. felt like i had to do this as i am working to 5.30am.. want to rest tomorrow and thursday.. so i can hit and nail deadlifts and squats properly with good warm ups.. feel like i can really start to max out now strength wise.. feel like im getting a lot stronger..

will take note of markos latest post on what should be in ur program like dropping the pissy stuff and recover instead.. felt like i needed to do compound on chest though through a bench and incline pressing.. was resting back and legs for friday.. is a lot better than having 50 exercises though.. had 2 compound and the pullover.. nice and heavy...

am eating a lot.. eating a whole chicken now after gym.. a rump before work at 9pm.. 600gm chicken salad with lot of green and a 600gm rump with vegies.. for my break at work which is about 12-1 am.. and a shake to have in between 1 and 5.30am...

am eating raw almonds on and off throughout my shift... start to stay off them after i have my 'break'.

#10 Legal Attorney

  • Joined:29-October 06
  • Location:Australia SA

Posted 08 December 2008 - 03:21 PM

well im back.. had a 2 week break, got on the piss etc.. it was my 19th and went to stereosonic.. ah well.. and was going to get on the grog again but read the alcohol thread and will cut down drinking to 1 occasion per year.. this year i drank about 5 times max so yea.. dont need it now..

went prior to break to gym, lifted heavy 45kg each dumbell for incline press in a workout with spot..

nailed the gym today.. very happy

120kg squats 5 reps of multiple sets..

warmed up with 60kg, 80kg and 100kg..

also did 21 reps of 80kg somewhere in between..

did chinups in between as well.. reps of 10

deadlifted using pretty much casual shoes with little sole and used a raised metal plate to raise heels..

started with 60kg.. 2 sets of 5 reps

80kg, 100kg, 120kg multiple sets and reps..

reached 140kg.. form went a tad.. didnt feel like i was driving heels hard enough.. felt like i nailed 120kg... mixture of upper and more of lower body like the hams glutes etc..

140kg i did nail a few reps with average form but not perfect.. felt like i screwed 1 rep hard with a slight twinge in the lower back.. immediately threw the head up higher than normal to try to correct..

doesnt hurt now.. doesnt feel strained.. the lowerback.. just feels sore a touch.. glutes and hams feel tight..

did about 3 sets... of 5 reps.. i dont exactly count..

would be keen to see how much i could lift if i started with deadlifts first...

#11 Legal Attorney

  • Joined:29-October 06
  • Location:Australia SA

Posted 15 December 2008 - 03:51 PM


Had a crazy session.. really toughened up and killed it...

squatted and deadlifted for 1.5hours

did multiple squat sets.. all of about 5-8 reps

ended up lifting 3 sets of 120kg.. at 5 reps

over 4 sets of 100kg... more like 5 or 6..
of 5 reps

warmed up properly, didnt take a break for more than 2min...

deadlifts i am starting to really enjoy.. the feeling of nailing it and locking out..

started at 60kg.. then 100kg then 120kg and finally 140kg..

did 3 sets of 140kg.. had A LOT better form.. utilised the legs really well as i was lifting like.. legs first then back 2nd and locking out last..

multiple sets of 120kg and 100kg.. between 6-8 or thereabouts

felt more structured than my last set of 140kg a few weeks back.. actually felt like i was strong when lifting.. not buckling under the weight..

so matched my pb..

repped in the 5 reps range

forearms were really gone in the last set of 140kg.. but really enjoyed trying to place 140kg down as lightly as possible.. after lockout though.. hanging onto 140kg is really hard.. trying to bend the legs and slowly lower the back..

went home.. groaned for 30mins.. post workout shake was a C***t to consume.. felt like i was going to chuck up..

currently now weigh 83kg... at 175cm..

really want to aim for a 150kg deadlift and 140kg squat in the next few weeks.. will try to keep eating like i am but f#$% it is hard.. so full for so long..

#12 Legal Attorney

  • Joined:29-October 06
  • Location:Australia SA

Posted 17 December 2008 - 05:37 PM

went to the gym today..

started with 40kg standing military press

went straight to bent over rows with same weight.. then chin ups..

did this for about 4 sets

went up to 60kg at some stage

then deadlifted

attempted 140kg.. kept stopping and starting.. didnt feel as strong as on monday..

think i was impeding on recovery a tad..

will go back to gym on friday and do incline press, dumbell curls etc... chins, anything really

maybe squats if i feel up to it.. if i try max and doesnt work then drop weight and do high reps

maybe deadlift, same as above.. wary of what happened today though.. pretty sure it wasnt for a lack of effort as i kept coming back to deadlift and felt as though i couldnt hold 140kg.. managed several reps but rested inbetween... just couldnt hit it like monday..

#13 Legal Attorney

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  • Location:Australia SA

Posted 29 January 2009 - 10:47 PM


have been lifting hard over the holiday season

have reached a 1 rep max for squats..

being 150kg.. felt i could do more.. 160kg would be topping out

deadlift.. 160kg.. if it wasnt for grip i could lift more...

done on 40 degree + day in a gym.. had to keep wiping the bar because of sweat.. just cbf.. but managed these pbs..

also reached 45kg incline press d/bs each after 4 sets of 40kg each for 6 reps..

thats it for now.. will update when any new pbs are reached..

currently weigh 84kg.. at 175cm

also doing a lot of brazilian jujitsu, boxing, kickboxing and judo so this is on the side with gym at the moment.. def a different kind of conditioning required...

#14 Legal Attorney

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Posted 10 February 2009 - 10:21 PM

really had a big day today..

3 pm.. did kettlebells.. 12kg.. new concept.. new technique..

4 - 7.30 pm did wing chin and muay thai

8.30 - 9.30pm

power cleans - 60kg set of 5 , 6 reps each

70kg overhead pressing using smith machine.. did several sets of 2 reps

45kg 40kg and 30kg incline press dumbells.. several sets

100kg bench for 2 reps 3 sets to failure

circuit training using 40 and 60kg.. used bb rows, military presses and deadlifts.. was absolutely buggered after muay thai and wing chun training.. reached a new intensity for sure.. a new source of energy i thought i didnt have

#15 Legal Attorney

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Posted 11 March 2009 - 08:44 PM

ultra annoyed..


did 6 reps of 140kg 2 sets
did 1 set of 160kg 6 reps 1 set with blood blister on right hand... carved up nicely when it exploded on the bar - managed to finish the set of... very painful.. lockout was a k*#t

excluding warm up of about 8 sets..

previous pb of 170kg..

def couldve hit 180kg - 200kg.. for 1rm

200kg would be almost 2.5X bodyweight.. weighed in at about 83kg..

just came out of a bit of a cold so felt less than 100%

aiming to get up to 90kg then cutting back...

just for fun though.. dont really know why people have said im already big for 175.. def could add bigger biceps and overall leg size.. built mostly in the shoulders, traps and chest is decent.. oh yeah i gotta big dick, theres a bit of mass in that.. haha people do say im a dick though ^_^

really want to see squats rocket

power cleans working on technique can do 60kg comfortably.. dont know whether i should jump off the ground or just use 'tip toes'

feels more natural to jump... i dunno..

military press is alrite.. can do 80kg.. for about 2- 3 reps... did that last week

ultra annoyed... cant wait to get back to eating more consistently and putting on some mass...

#16 Legal Attorney

  • Joined:29-October 06
  • Location:Australia SA

Posted 13 March 2009 - 07:17 PM

pretti much wrote off ma bike.. ripped most of my shoulder and arm skin off.. locked up at 60k on a new line and yea, u get the picture.. aiming to resume gym training within 1 - 2 weeks... everytime i move it hurts.. but yea...wont let that stop me... nurofen is ur friend

#17 Legal Attorney

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  • Location:Australia SA

Posted 09 October 2009 - 06:30 PM

9 october 2009

currently weigh 93.5 kg. goal 105kg to cut to 100kg.


started with ptc 92 routine.

breathing squats 120kg x 15. mental drop wasnt focused. felt strong on the up. 80% sure ill get 20 on next session

bench press 1 x 7 1 x 5.. 120kg..

romanian deadlifts 1 x 10 1 x 20.. yes weird how i structured the sets. 100kg they def were the killer..

military press.. 50kg no rest after deadlift 2 x 7 was knackered.

few cleans and rows.. went heavy 100kg on rows and cleaned 60kg comfortably

#18 Legal Attorney

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Posted 10 October 2009 - 02:35 PM

10 october

160kg box/pin/pause squats failed twice - about 20cm me thinks.. 2nd pin

140kg was strong

reckon ma shoes and core stability on the way down is holding me back.. was on toes for a slight second.. have metal plate underneath heels.. technique work needed..

90kg failed military press twice 80kg was controlled.. breathing became an issue.. havent went heavy in a while.. just been doing complexes at 60kg and 40kg non-stop

plyometric bench with 60kg.. russian twists with 10kg plate.. finished with complexes for about 5 min.. shrug clean and deadlift at 80kg..

#19 dan^s15

  • Joined:15-October 06
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  • Car:S15

Posted 10 October 2009 - 04:37 PM

good to see some lifting happening after you accident on your bike bud.

keep it up.

#20 Legal Attorney

  • Joined:29-October 06
  • Location:Australia SA

Posted 17 November 2009 - 09:05 PM

overhead push press 110kg

working on clean technique.

powercleaned 100kg bout 1 - 2 months ago..

130kg bench

squatting.. 140kg working sets.. aiming for 180kg 1 rm atg

deadlift.. aiming for 210kg this friday

#21 Legal Attorney

  • Joined:29-October 06
  • Location:Australia SA

Posted 03 December 2009 - 08:29 PM

120kg overhead press. missed 130kg.

getting back into squats. 5 x 5 of 140kg off the bat, 1min rest max. atg

enjoying snatches atm. 80kg pb. joining the weightlifting club in a few weeks. started and stopped because of uni. will aim to hit it hard this year!

missed 200kg deadlift. poor technique. got it above knee twice, failed to complete pull.. i think my hamstrings and quads are too tight, thus stance is too rigid..have to work on lower back.. sldl and ukranian deadlifts..

#22 Legal Attorney

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  • Location:Australia SA

Posted 06 January 2010 - 11:19 PM

pressed 130kg overhead, felt good. working on posterior chain, more lower back stuff. squatting continuously. clean and jerks are solid at 80 - 100kg (go non-stop for 1 hour)

#23 Legal Attorney

  • Joined:29-October 06
  • Location:Australia SA

Posted 10 January 2010 - 06:37 PM

trained in 40+ degree weather today. strongman events.

log press 115kg.

90 and 120kg stones

grip needs work, farmers walk is weakness.

need structure to my workout resume in the gym.

expecting a big increase in squats and deadlifts, bench..need a proper program focusing on max effort, strength and dynamic splits.

strongman competition in 5 weeks. looking at competing. need work though

#24 Legal Attorney

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  • Location:Australia SA

Posted 26 February 2010 - 06:43 PM

wow... chalk makes the biggest difference.. had a quick easy 30 min session... deadlifted 140kg for easy technique focused sets, slow on the way down. clean and jerked 100kg multiple times, very confident.. also went from the clean and jerk, racked onto shoulders and front squat with same weight multiple times.. i expect training to kick another up another gear. it was just the confidence with pressing and pulling with the bar not slipping..

#25 Pat_AE86

  • Joined:20-July 05
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  • Car:Triumph Daytona 675

Posted 27 February 2010 - 09:21 AM

Have you got a good bar too? they make a huge difference. Fantastic progress by the way:thumbsup:

#26 Legal Attorney

  • Joined:29-October 06
  • Location:Australia SA

Posted 27 February 2010 - 06:40 PM

View PostPat_AE86, on 27 February 2010 - 09:21 AM, said:

Have you got a good bar too? they make a huge difference. Fantastic progress by the way:thumbsup:

nah just sneaking the chalk into the gym at the moment.. want to get a set up at my home, but money is way too tight at the moment.. plus there is a state weightlifting team down the road.. train with them i reckon after i sort my uni out

they did get a new bar though with a bigger circumference all the way through and free spinning ends.. getting used to a proper olympic bar now as opposed to the small chinamen ones.

#27 Paullie

  • Joined:21-December 09
  • Location:Australia WA
  • Car:MY06 Forester XL

Posted 28 February 2010 - 09:44 AM

oh god, you can never go back to a china spec bar after you use a good olympic bar.

#28 Legal Attorney

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  • Location:Australia SA

Posted 01 March 2010 - 09:14 PM


try to document all ma progess.. bit full on with uni.. anyway

today first proper meal at 6pm.. work got in the way, uni preps. felt like shit


100kg x 20

120kg x 10

120kg x 15 then 30 seconds later

120kg x 5 (def gave up then re attempted to finish)


2 sets 100kg x 5

2 sets 47.5kg dumbell incline 5 reps

front squats

1 triple for 120kg

all in all, good session.. need some structure and here it is.. not bad considering security work for 6 hours last night fights galore.. then the food today.. better than i expected.. toning it down to 4 days a week with uni.. nice and hard 1 hour min trying to aim for 2... off ma best with bench... have done 120kg for working sets comfortably before. havent trained it for months.. it shows.. whereas the front squat and squats were almost near best even with nutritional set back.. obviously to the full olympic routine i had going before this week.

#29 Legal Attorney

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Posted 04 March 2010 - 05:13 PM


Another crap day eating


Done with full control, slow on way up and down

Warm ups

100kg x 5 x 2

120kg x 5 x 2

140kg x 5 x 2

Working set 5 x 5

150kg x 5 x 2
160kg x 5 x 3

Floor Press 5 x 5

100kg x 5 x 5

Chin ups bw x 8

#30 Legal Attorney

  • Joined:29-October 06
  • Location:Australia SA

Posted 06 March 2010 - 01:08 PM


Woke up, had a shake, mango and pear then trained. gonna eat like a unit today

After warming up and rolling with the foam


120kg x 10
120kg x 20 finally did it.. mental strength came in handee

Strict military press (pb of 100kg to give an indication)

80kg x 1
80kg x 1
70kg x 5
70kg x 5
70kg x 5
70kg x 4
70kg x 1

Romanian Deadlifts

100kg x 5
100kg x 5
100kg x 5
100kg x 5
100kg x 5

Chin ups

bw x 10


60kg x 3

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