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AME Tracer TM02 Hyper Silver

06 July 2017 - 02:07 PM

Had these for my now defunct track car. So need to offload them.

18x10+15 PCD 114.3
Hyper Silver colour
These are brand new, I bought them 4 years or so ago. Never fitted to a car, first time i had all 4 of them out of the box was to take these pictures.
Comes with Leggdura weight weight nuts, AME centre caps and hub rings.
These are very light weight rims.

Box dimensions 52x52x30 cm if you want to use your choice of courier. Current area code 4341. 13kg.


S13 carbon fibre doors

05 July 2017 - 08:54 PM

Offering my Carbon fibre doors i imported from the US for sale. These were for my track car, so there is no intrusion protection inside them.
These are brad new, never fitted to the car. I no longer have the box but they're still wrapped in the bubble wrap they came in.
Weigh around 5kg each, so significant saving the massively heavy standard doors.
Happy to answer any questions.


Sil80 track car shell

05 July 2017 - 08:48 PM

Price drop $3000

Offering for sale my track car. Yes i haven't been active on here in a long time, the last 4 years I've been looking after my son. Came to the conclusion i'll never get back to the car, so here it is.
Its track only, extensive cage that also goes through the firewall and ties the front strut towers together. Cage was built with FIA in mind however the "Larry bar" will prevent that. If its an issue just cut it out.
Sound deadening removed
Comes with Titlton pedal box with brake bias adjuster.
HKS Hypermax2 7kg front 5kg rear. Old now but were effective.
ARE dual pass radiator. This item is just brilliant. Kept the RB25 at 90 degrees on the track, and then soon as you're out of it, it would come back to the thermostat opening temp.
Has headlights and blinkers, just not in the pics.
Paint has nicks and some starches after sitting in a worksop for many years. It has a steering column but it's not currently fitted.
The rear 1/4 windows are included but not fitted, it was getting lexan windows.
Has a standard LSD 4.1 ratio. Still quite tight.
Current cross member was modified for a VQ so fit the cross member to suit your engine.
Will come with some 32 GTS-t rolling wheels.
Happy to answer questions Cage cost me $6000 alone, so i think $4000 for the entire shell is pretty decent.

I've also got some brand new carbon fibre doors i imported from the US that I'll list on here and a KAAZ 1.5 way diff which is still in the box unused.


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