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Track tyres and the size game - Hardtuned.net
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Track tyres and the size game

davidg2152's Photo davidg2152 26 Feb 2017

Well my 888R's are closing in on retirement and I want to try and neaten up the nugget for consistency.

I currently have 225/45/17 front and 235/45/17 rear Toyo 888R's.

I have been told Nitto NT01's are pretty similar (made by Toyo) and have a 100TW. I want to give em a go (unless something else pops up) but they come in either 225/45 (and I dont want to take tyre away) or 235/40 and 245/40 widths.

I run a 17x8 Lenso D1 rim.

From my calcs the 235/40 should be fine and the reduction (albeit sweet FA) in rolling diameter will only assist acceleration.

Has anyone played with this at all and any experiences I can learn from?

Car is 100% track only.

boost-it's Photo boost-it 27 Feb 2017

r888r is a faster compound than the nt01. i have run nt01 for a while now and they are a good entry level semi slick. they feel almost very much like a fast road tyre than a semi slick tbh.

when you step it up to the hankook z221 or the advan ao50 the grip level is on another level.

as for tyre sizing find a combination dont wont rub or limit your castor settings/alignment. 225 is a little on the skinny side and is an unpopular size for semis.

davidg2152's Photo davidg2152 27 Feb 2017

Great advice mate. I was told the Nitto is actually a Toyo as from same factory but as you have used them I will run with it.

Would a 235/40/17 work on a 17*8 or even a 245/40?

I think the 235s should be able to somehow go on the front of it witjout too much drama?

boost_bus180's Photo boost_bus180 27 Feb 2017

I've had 235/40 and 255/40 NT01 tyres on 9" rims and to be honest there wasn't that much of a visible difference in the sidewall angle when fitted and on the car. not as much as I expected anyway. I think a 235/40 on a 8" rim would be ok, but it will be a bit sloppy compared to it on a 9" rim. that said, I remember one of the guys in QLD with the yellow silvia (SC_180 or something arather) had 255/40 all round on 9" rims with no issues, so going by that your 235 on a 8" rim will probably be fine
Edited by boost_bus180, 27 February 2017 - 03:54 PM.

davidg2152's Photo davidg2152 27 Feb 2017

I currently have a 235/45 on the rear
thought a 235/40 on front woukd take away any scrub issues

Varvs's Photo Varvs 28 Feb 2017

I have 235/4517s on 8" and they rub a bit at full lock. thats RE003s though, not semis.

sidewalls are flush with the face of the wheel.

davidg2152's Photo davidg2152 28 Feb 2017

Thanks mate do they scrub on inner or on the actually gourd lip?

boost_bus180's Photo boost_bus180 01 Mar 2017

Your wheel offset, and to a lesser extent your ride height, will be the determining factors of where and when your tyre scrubs. 235/40 is a very conservative size tyre to use on a silvia and can fit just fine. You're stressing over nothing here

Varvs's Photo Varvs 01 Mar 2017

scrubs on the inside and depending on incline, the outside catches in the tread grooves.

castor plays a big part too as it moves the wheel further forward, closer to the guards.

Dose Pipe Sutututu's Photo Dose Pipe Sutututu 02 Mar 2017

a 235 section semi and a 235 section non semi will be noticeably different in terms of overall tyre with.

If a 235 road tyre is scrubbing going to a 235 semi will scrub even more due to the thicker side walls.

davidg2152's Photo davidg2152 02 Mar 2017

copy mate.
I guess is using a 235/40 over a 225/45 actually going to achieve anything really.

davidg2152's Photo davidg2152 10 Apr 2017

So at present I am limited to a 225/45 on the front with about 2mm clearance due to camber between sidewall and coilovers.

I basically have it down to 3 tyre choices and they are all at the lower spec. Main reason at this stage is I am still sorting / ironing out the car and until it laps consistantly and reliably.

So to that I have it down to:

All tyres are 225/45/17:

Nitto NT01 treadwear 100
Handkook RS3 treadwear 140
Nankang AR-1 treadwear 80

Tyres are between 160-175 a corner which is bloody cheap IMO and I guess that will come with the trade off of overall grip. As stated I was running the older 888R. The new R888R are near twice the price of these bangers.

Anyone had any experience with the above mentioned I would love to know. Appreciate feedback on NT01 vs 888R above, thanks mate.

Dose Pipe Sutututu's Photo Dose Pipe Sutututu 10 Apr 2017

NT01 will progressively get greasy where as the R888 will go from grip to grease in a very short time.

NT01 is not what you say a true semi, although it's 100 treadwear. However going to say a Hanhook Z221 is like night and day.

Also don't listen to the interwebz saying NT01 uses the same compound as the R888, it's not based on user experience and the characteristics of the tyre.

davidg2152's Photo davidg2152 11 Apr 2017

yeah man great advice.
the z221 is over double in price at moment so not on table until I have the car ironed out.
How does the Rs3 work in your experience though?