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New tailshaft. 1 piece or 2 piece. S14 

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#1 letuandk

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Posted 11 January 2018 - 02:53 AM

Sleep-shop chains that sell mattresses and Bedding furniture are undergoing strong growth even with the lingering recession in 1992. http://bestfutonmattresses.com

Rockaway Bedding VP Steven Brockmann claims the shop is expanding at the expense of local furniture stores and department stores. Rockaway Bedding projects 1992 earnings of $44 million, in comparison to 1991 sales of $38 million. Information available on the market growth of a number of sleep-shop chains is introduced.

The lingering downturn has forced mom-and-pop Furniture stores and department stores to retrench, but many sleep-shop chains - that the would-be McDonald's of the bedding industry - are aggressively expanding.

In an effort to take market share which is upward For grabs and place themselves for an economic recovery, these sleep stores are expanding with the assistance of depressed real estate expenses and targeted advertisements.

Steven Brockmann, vice president of operations To get Rockaway Bedding, a 31-store chain located in Randolph, N.,J., mentioned, "A stagnant economy is a great time to expand. I hate to say it, but it's true. This way, once the market turns around, you are going to be in a fantastic place. We're expanding at the cost of mom-and-pop furniture stores and department stores. The department stores are still doing business, but it is not anywhere near as important as it had been in our market two or three years ago."

Of the chain's 31 shops, seven started this year. The merchant jobs revenue of $44 million to 1992, up from last year's earnings of $38 million.

Alan Kummer, chairman and chief executive of Comfort Center, a 17-store chain located in Huntington Beach, Cal., noted that from the Los Angeles region, where his stores function, the fiscal troubles of this Pasadena, Cal.-based Barker Bros., the Irvine, Cal.-based RB Furniture and the Compton, Cal.-based Ortho Mattress have created a "tremendous opportunity to expand, even though business is soft."

"We clearly see a chance and a void In the market. Our final objective is to be the dominant sleep shop. We'll continue to open [three to five] more stores in 1993 to completely saturate the Los Angeles marketplace. We are going after this possibility in a large way," said Kummer.

Of Comfort Center's 17 stores, 12 were inserted this year. The merchant is projecting 1992 sales of $12 million, double its earnings for previous year.

The merchant that comes the closest to being Expire Ray Kroc of the bedding industry concerning supply is Mattress Discounters, which functioned 109 stores last year and had sales of $101 million. By year's end, 20 more units will have been added to the series, which has stores that stretch along the East Coast from Virginia to New Hampshire. The retailer opened its first California locations this season.
Posted Image

Several midsize chains additionally continue to grow. These range from other leading chains such as Hillside Bedding, that had earnings of $25 million final year, into the Port Washington, N.Y.-based Sleepy's, which had sales of $50 million.

While industry studies estimate that sleeping Shops nationally account for about 20% of mattress earnings, in certain areas, they are rapidly taking over turf once held by other kinds of retailers.

Brockmann, of Rockaway, stated in his highly Competitive market, which includes New York, New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania, sleeping shops have taken over about 50% of the mattress industry.

He noted that deals in real estate and Advertising have helped his series expand, regardless of the sour market and drop from the average unit selling price of a mattress. "Anywhere you go, you're getting great bargains on leases and you're getting great bargains on advertising since the newspapers are losing retailers. You're also getting great deals in the sellers due to the folks going out of business," he explained. http://bestfutonmattresses.com/futon-mattress-king-size/

Bob Martire, owner of this 52-unit Hillside Founded in New York City's Bronx, consented. "Right now is the time when most of your better chains are expanding because there is an opportunity for better real estate opportunities. It's possible to negotiate better leases with landlords. The disadvantage of the economy ought to be behind us quite soon, so we'll catch the economy on the upside."

Martire expects to double the size of his string During the next few years and extend outside of its New York and New Jersey selling place. The retailer plans to start by buying back a number of its own 18 franchises and by opening 20 new stores during the next year. He declined to name certain places, but noted, "We're expanding and it's not limited to the northeast. We are going into new territories."

Kummer, of Comfort Center, noted, "Much Though company is tender, one of the reasons for our growth in 1993 is that we were able to get very positive leases. That is a large opportunity; if you can resist the tough times, you'll be absolutely positioned for the future. We also see a solid opportunity to get market share through very competitive marketing.

"We're attempting to be very cautious nevertheless be Competitive," said Kummer. "This season has been a challenging market between the market and the riots and each the layoffs. It's been a very tough year. We are cautiously optimistic. We have to make sure we find the right places that fit into our long-term tactical plan." He noticed that in order to get more from his marketing dollars, the chain chooses sites within its current media buying area.

While the market in Texas is Far Better than in Other areas of the country, sleep shop chains from out-of-state, including the Denver-based World of Sleep, and the Akron, Ohio-based Sleep Fair, have closed their Dallas areas.

All these closings have created a gap in the Marketplace which The Mattress Company, located in Houston, is attempting to quickly fill. The Mattress Company had eight shops last year and annual sales exceeding $10 million. The merchant added five Dallas and two Houston stores this year and expects its sales to easily pass the 10 million mark.

Steven Fendrich, vice president of operations For Your Mattress Firm noticed a key to the growth of several sleep shops is to start several shops within a single media purchasing place. "Our advertisements expenses per store are low. That is the main reason we opened that many stores simultaneously," said Fendrich. https://medium.com/@colorpop1102/futon-mattress-queen-size-48f28e0ee7c6

Martire said retailers are also profiting Out of quick-ship apps from providers that save on inventory costs. "We operate on less profit today than we did three decades back. We have trimmed our operation down and made it lean and mean as possible."

He explained competitive prices, Fast delivery to Consumers and frequent advertising has led to the increase of sleep-shop chains. He noted, "Provided that sleep stores keep a dean image and build up credibility, we're going to continue to build market share."

Fendrich noted that in Dallas, "that the Biggest thing we must fight is the |here now, gone tomorrow' picture" He said, however, that image is changing. "When we came into the market in 1986, there was a definite difference as to who the department-store customer Was and that the sleep-shop customer was. Through the Years, the sleep stores have Been getting an increasing number of company, so they are able to get larger shops, Better real estate, and show more and more high-end solution," he said.

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#2 pmod

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Posted 11 January 2018 - 09:26 AM

There's been plenty of discussion on this topic across all the car forums, so I'll just link you a couple of threads.


#3 RobertGlums

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Posted 02 February 2018 - 05:16 PM

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#4 AryWera

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Posted 06 February 2018 - 04:36 PM

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#5 AryWera

  • Joined:27-January 18
  • Car:AryWeraje

Posted 06 February 2018 - 04:37 PM

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