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Nistune worth it for s15 stock turbo 14psi? - Hardtuned.net

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Nistune worth it for s15 stock turbo 14psi? 

Nistune S15 Tune
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#1 freestylerfalcon

  • Joined:30-March 11
  • Location:Australia NSW
  • Car:S15 Silvia spec-R

Posted 14 June 2017 - 12:24 PM

Hello friends.

I have an s15, stock turbo with all basic bolt ons. Boost controller set at 14psi/1bar. Its been dynod at approx 195rwkw.

Would spending approx $1000 on a nistune and tune make any significant differences to response and how nicely it runs? Maybe even more power?

#2 chris_c30

  • Joined:29-December 12
  • Location:Australia SA
  • Car:s14a 200sx

Posted 14 June 2017 - 12:41 PM

Will help everything down to fuel economy definitely worth it, and make sure everythings running healthy, if you're looking for more power you'll need to start thinking about injectors/afm etc so may as well do that at the same time, saying that I'm not sure what stock s15 injectors can handle

#3 boost-it

  • Joined:03-January 06
  • Car:180sx Type X

Posted 14 June 2017 - 10:10 PM

nistune can do flex. on e85 i have seen 3 s15 make around 215-220kw. very punchy mid range.

perfect for a street and mild track car. anymore power and you'll risk blowing fhe 6 speed

#4 Dose Pipe Sutututu

  • Joined:19-January 05
  • Location:Australia NSW
  • Car:Boat Sutututuutu

Posted 30 June 2017 - 10:08 PM

and I can supply, tune too :)

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