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    Hey there, I 3D print S13/S14/S15 products in high quality abs such as shift boot clip/brackets/retainers/knobs, gauge holders that retain air conditioning, pod filter adaptors, double cup holders that fit in the centre console etc. and much more to come. Making this post to provide you guys with top quality parts that solves the issues that come with OEM parts such as the shift boot clip snapping and cup holders not being useful whatsoever. Free standard shipping Australia wide. If you are interested feel free to check out the page https://3dracingsolutions.com/ If there are any questions or other parts needed feel free to send us a message or email.
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    Uragay. Can't 5 star my own thread? This forum gave me cancer.
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    Cressida Sold Gs300 Sold Jzx90 Sold Bought a house. 7 yrs after starting this thread and the s13 is done. It's been good.
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    Next part I would buy would be a bmc stopper from GKtech. It's a excellent upgrade on any S-chassis. Get someone to pump the brake pedal while you watch just how much the firewall flexes and you'll get what I mean.
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    Forum is a bit quiet at the moment but there is certainly almost everything you need to know here. Hundreds and hundreds of helpful diys and how tos
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    The app called Smart Switch is the best one I have found to back up or transfer data from an old Android to a new one.
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    Welcome mate more of us that work together will create a better community
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    So if clockspring is removed the easiest place to find horn wire would be at that plug. The horn wire doesnt go to ecu just so you know. It goes to a relay under bonnet then to horn itself. Most boss kits have a wire in it for the horn but im guessing yours doesnt? In order for it to work you need to create an โ€œearthโ€ when you press horn button and join into the car side of clockspring plug let me know if more info needed
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    Hello, my name is Niels and I own a Nissan Silvia S15 SpecR โ€˜99. regards!
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    Nah but you can now buy shitty chinese wanna be chuck tayor shoes that don't follow the standard sizing so when you order your size the don't fucking fit.... and the print rubs off while in the box to you from china too. You should see how crap this site looks on my galaxy 7 edge phone's browser, unbearable, but yeah facebook is the problem hey?
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    u still got the 180sx ?!?! whats the latest...
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    Here's a few pics of the setup I made for my bandsaw.. Just tighten up the bolts and it clamps the pipe in tight..
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    Thanks for all the replies hut I think it got a bit off topic with the VE heads. I've ended up getting my current SR20 built by Donny who many of you would know and I thought it wouod be the best option now after considering your replies. The main reason was that its a street registered cwr and I don't want it to get engineered as that would blow the budget. Secondly I know that this Sr20 is fresh and forged and will be able to handle track days with that power and should 'hopefully' be fine for a couple of years. Donny recommended this for the power im after: JE pistons Spool rods Acl race bearings Cometic head gasket Nissan oil pump Nissan water pump Nissan gasket kit BC valve springs BC cam gear and cams being dialed in. Block and head machined, tested, valve stem seals etc. Any input for the brand choice of pistons,rods and head gasket?
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    For same reason nissan australia were tight asses and only installed one brake light per tailight. Here's something to do if you're ultra bored. Get: 7443 light bulb 7443 T20 socket off ebay. You'll need the three wires type Search for "7443 socket" http://www.ebay.com....cat=0&_from=R40 Either drill out the ADM tailight or get a JDM tail light, which ever is easier. (top: ADM S15, bottom: JDM S15) Wire the socket up. Forget about matching the colours up. I tried it and it doesn't work. Just follow the pattern on the plug and match it Finish.
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    Things you will need before you start S15 dash Heater from a S15 S15 Loom All the plastic bits from S15 dash Short Shift Kit for S13 Welder spare metal to make custom brackets S15 / S13 Wiring digram First you will need to removed your Old dash out of the car, take the S15 plastic airvent hoses off the back of the dash so the s15 dash will sit right, then mark out where you going to put your custom bracket in the middle and make up two brackets for the side of the dash to bolt on to.. once you have the dash sitting right, remove the dash from the car, and then remove the s13 heater and fit the s15 one.. then your at the wire stage, once you have fully wired the cluster, the heater, you can then test everything before you fit the dash back, once you know everything works then remove your standard shifter and put the short shift kit into place, make a custom bracket for your s13 brake to sit on.. because it's to far forward and wont allow the hand brake to go down.. fit the dash back into place.. and give it a good clean, then you can make a start on your S13 door cards, you will then need to cut the door cards on the s13 doors so the doors can close but this will look shit unless you get the doors custom done to fit the lines of the s15 dash you will need to get the dash custom a bit too around the pillers and make it look all neat, then get the dash / doors and in my case the whole car retrimmed, Cost wise Dash $ 500 to 1000 make sure you get everything Short Shift kit $100 to 300 Elec time depends how long it will take anywhere between 500 to 2000 If you want someone to do it for you add about 600 to 1000 on top for fitment costs Trimmer just the doors and dash between 1000 and 2000 depends how you want it
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