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  1. Kyowa Racing Wheels

    http://www.kyowadesigns.com/ Anyone ever heard of Kyowa racing wheels before? Seems like some generic Japanese wannabe wheels hence the cheap prices. Just wondering if anyone has delt with this brand before? They look nice.
  2. Xtrail oxygen sensor plug issue

    It has fixed it heaps, get close to 600km to a full tank now when i was only getting 450km. both daily driving around suburban and city areas
  3. Thanks for all your answers much appreciated!
  4. Hi guys, fairly new to the import scene, was previously a proud owner of an s15 but now I'm looking into buying a cheap track car 180sx. Before I get flamed please understand that I have no experience and absolutely no knowledge about drifting and very little knowledge about the tracks in SA e.g Mallala and Tailem Bend. And also I've never been to Mallala and Tailem Bend only heard stories and seen videos. Questions! What days are the tracks open for drifting practice and what are the costs like? Where and who can I get lessons from and how much will it costs? What basics do I need to know about servicing the car before and after a track day? Recommendations to cheap trailer hire or tow in SA? Recommendations to cheap drifting tyres? Recommendations to a car to buy? (I just figured S chassis were the best for drifting and 180sx would be the most affordable) Any help and advice will do. Thanks again from a newbie!!
  5. Hey guys, recently bought a x-trail and thought I should change the oxygen sensor due to the bad fuel economy. I've taken off the heat shield for the extractors, and managed to unscrew the oxygen sensor but for some stupid reason the plug is extremely difficult to take off. Is there any tricks to taking off the oxygen sensor plug? I dont want to spend $50 to change an oxygen sensor when my only issue to pulling the plug out. Ive had multiple friends and family attempt to take out the plug and fail. Any help or advice will do, much appreciated!
  6. Buying a car in Vic (I'm from SA)

    Its only an x-trail I'm certain that it will pass through any inspection, doesnt bother me too much. Anything I should look out for just incase I get ripped off? Both sign rgo and tranfer papers and all sorted simple as that?
  7. Buying a car in Vic (I'm from SA)

    How does the transaction work exactly? Never bought a car from interstate. I just sign the rego papers to transfer names, and thats it? What else would I need to do in SA? Would I need to take it through to regency to have the car checked?
  8. Hey guys, found a car on carsales from Victoria (X-Trail), and was wondering who or what company/business I would call to have check the vehicle for me and give me the thumbs up, before I fly to Melbourne and pick it up and drive it back to Adelaide. In SA we have RAA to check vehicles, not sure is Vic uses RAA?????
  9. Who and Were to Post When a Seller Burns You

    From a sellers perspective, buying an item and not checking it after 6months and claiming that something is missing is a bit hard to believe (I would be a bit suspicious as a seller). A bit dodgy that the seller didn't reply though...
  10. Oil stains coming from s15

    The mechanic had a look as it and he suspects its the rear extension seal leaking. Is that any worse than the front main seal? If it is the rear extension seal, can it get any worse if I leave it? I dont rememeber what the mechanic told me. ==' Did a google search, seems as if its common with gearboxes and can be left?
  11. Oil stains coming from s15

    Hey sharkey how much do you charge to degrease the whole engine??? And where abouts are you located?
  12. Oil stains coming from s15

    I hope this picture will do.
  13. Oil stains coming from s15

    The oil stain isnt coming from the rocker cover, it's a little lower, ill upload a picture later tonight when I get off work
  14. I probably should have mentioned, I dont plan on using this vehicle for towing, or driving long distance to the outback/countryside, I was after a big comfortable car that will last and is cheap to maintain. Used as a daily driver to and from work and weekend activities. At this moment the x-trail seems most appealing. If anyone has any opinions on the x-trail or the choice of car I plan to buy for its use please give me your opinions.