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  1. S|LENCE 180sx

    my 180sx
  2. check to see if the line from the actuator is sealed properly... if it isnt and some air is bleeding out it might account for the boost spike??
  3. FirstRun!

    i liek lots... nice work
  4. Cooler Fitted

    yep you'll lose a little response due to the turbo having to compress a lot more air volume in order to fill up the bigger space the cooler provides. dont stress to much about it though - you'll soon get used to it and it wont be an issue.
  5. T28 Bush Bearing

    not a bad price. i paid $600 for my bush bearing t28, although make sure the seller is reputable, as mine blew up 1.5 hours after i got the car back. got lucky though because the turbo was highflowed (t3ish compressor) with a brand new core and it didnt cost me another cent. got myself a wicked turbo for $600... i say go for it as long as it all seems above board to you. adam
  6. Buying a 180SX

    i believe it has something to do with the fact that now the import laws are all up the arse, cars can only be complied with factory equipment. unless you hook up with an importer who is very good at what he does there isnt much getting around it these days (except the good ol 15 year rule)
  7. Hi guys i own the 200sx known as 'SEXDR'

    nice engine, tidy interior but it is far too bright, but i must say, that casey bitch from aussie idol has a better body. if it didnt have 3 tonne of shit hanging off it, it might go pretty hard. adam.
  8. castrol magnatec oil

    i think the problem could have just been the car being slightly temperamental - driven it hard since then without a drama thanks for the input guys. adam
  9. castrol magnatec oil

    ive been using 5w40 castrol formula R.. that was a nice oil. was these guys who told me to use it so i'm surprised they sued magnatec. there is a chance that the apprentice may have put the oil in, and if the problem persists i'll enquire as wo that weighting he used.. if its different to 5w40, i'll make them change it again.
  10. ^^^^ pretty much spot on. i had a few worn bushes, so i had every bush replaces with the hardest nolathanes available - cost me around $450 if i remember correctly and tightened everything up a fair bit. cheap to fix, so dont let it get you down
  11. Just a quick question regarding castrol magnatec oil.. my car was serviced this afternoon with it, and its never been used in my car before (sr20 180sx). I usually use castrol formula R without any dramas, although for some reason my mechanic used magnatec - i'm not sure of the thickness. What makes me question the suitability of this oil is that the turbo feels sluggish to spool up to around 7psi, then boosts without a problem once it gets going. My first thought was that this magnatec may not work well in a turbo car, although i say this without having a clue about its properties. Anyone used it before? Havnt checked for boost leaks yet but i will if the problem persists. cheers fellas adam
  12. That should be ok.. Ive been too lazy to get my car onto the dyno for boost setting, and ive been running .8 -.9 bar without a drama. T28 will start to lean out the stock injectors at around 5500rpm on 17psi. All t28 redtops ive seen on dynos have maxed out within 100rpm of 5500 on 17psi, but on 16 have no dramas whatsoever. As long as you have all the necessary support mods in place i cant see any reason why .9 - 1bar should cause a problem. Adam

    Axle tramp occurs under *hard* acceleration. When you are getting it, you will know it - you will feel teh rear of the car bouncing around. It is shit. i used to get really bad axle tramp upon launching, which i initially fixed by revving a bit more on launch. What fixed it properly though was the installation of a full set of nolathane blue race bushes. Havent experienced axle tramp since then - just wheelspin. Adam
  14. car leaning slightly left?

    fill it up with petrol and measure it again.