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  1. my bike all finished and working
  2. so i bought my motor kit, now i have a problem, can anyone help? i need to install the chain and the master link looks like this click here for picture and i have no idea how to unlink it, any tips? edit: nevermind, found out i you have use need nose pliers to pull it off
  3. NS.COM's 'VETERANS' thread!

    turns out im a veteran, i signed up when i was a fetus
  4. Meet with the guy cause if it really happens in the dream , you won therefor you win . True story
  5. When I was young I dreamt the I was in my room and I woke up to go to the toilet, I then started to piss and I woke up reallising that I was really lieing in bed pissing my sheets. True story.
  6. iSnack 2.0

    Yeh saw that I neven knew it came in bucket size, LOL when the guy comes with the knife and takes some off his body and eats it
  7. Get me out of jury duty

    Start screaming like a mad man while jerking the air with both hands while trying to kick your self in the head while trying to lick your nuts.
  8. there arnt many sudanese gangster wannabes hanging around sunshine station normaly because they know they look like homo's
  9. should i shave off my beard?

    sorry i will never post again
  10. should i shave off my beard?

    dam you, you could have shaved it off at 1cm stripts then taken a pic and if you didnt like it do the rest asshole
  11. should i shave off my beard?

    shave it off but in 1 cm strips vertically