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  1. New photography series Launced!

    Hi All, My solo exhibition starts on Monday the 1st of November at Stax cafe in Waymouth st. So if your in the city check it out and let me know what ya think! Az
  2. New photography series Launced!

    Hey guys thanks for the great feedback. Our state is has so many nice places like pt willing and Clayton bay etc so good to take pix and show the rest of oz what we have to offer! Thanks again! Az
  3. Hey mate any updates?? did ya get ya 210rwkw
  4. S14 want 200+RWKW

    Thanks guys might get the 550cc instead, want to play it safe. black sr
  5. Hi All, I have a s14 with zorst, cooler, walbro pump, airfilter running 12psi making 168rwkw. I want to add more boost, injectors, remap ecu and easy cams to gain around 200+rwkw. I have read Gee200 and a few others are making this sort of power, but want to kno if i can get away with S15 injectors 480cc?? Will this still be safe on 14-16psi?? has any one had experience in this?? streetforce can you help?? Thanks heaps Black sr

    Can the DE cams fit in a s14? Black sr
  7. Remap Vs Cams

    If you got 555's in there then they will support easy 230rwkw so you should be fine as you won't get that much out the turbo. be best to save you money and do both at the same time! if you tune first you will need to retune when you do the cams down the track. you should notice a difference wif you do cams first but best to do both. black sr
  8. Remap Vs Cams

    Your injectors will be almost maxed out with this power out put. You will need to change the injectors either way you go, which will also require a remap to run them. black sr
  9. I had a semi heavy duty organic and i was fairly soft on it nut it lasted about 1 year after i put the bigger turbo in. just started slippin. seee how ya go and if it dies, change it then. Black sr
  10. When i had my s13 sr20det, i remember speaking to tilbrook guys and they said you can run 18-20psi and a high pressure reg to help the fuel out which can with the standrad t25g push out 180-190rwkw BUT This would not be a safe reliable way of doing it, so I would NOT recomend it! Thats why i didn't do it and changed the turbo over to a gt28r turbo from HPIAB. black sr
  11. You can only get a max of 150-160rwkw out of a stock T25g on the s13 sr20det. you will need to change to t28bb or t28rs "disco potatoe" to get that amount of reliable power. You will also need to change you injectors and get a ecu re-map as the 390cc stockers with max out at around 185-190rwkw. I had s13 blacktop sr20det with fMIC, pod,pump,zorst made 155rwkw and changed turbo for t28bb and got 185rwkw on 13psi but injectors were on 80% duty. black sr
  12. anyone got anything to say??
  13. aye Spazo: What supporting mods do you have??
  14. Aron s15: Yeah no probs. From what i have read the s15 and s14 turbo is pretty much the same and both have arount the 14-16psi max efficientcy. I would be interested if any one else has done this with either S14 or 15 as I am sure there must be a few of us out there that want the best out of our cars without going bigger turbo's and afm's etc. black sr