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  1. Attempted break in

    Western suburbs.
  2. Hi all, My skyline was just broken into this morning. Lucky a work colleague saw the break in and they took off. This was in broad daylight at 8:30am with other cars and a lot of public in view. But the dumb thieves got their rego taken down and when I was informed, I came back out to look over the damage and to my surprise they returned and I clearly saw their faces and also their number plate, make and model. Cops pulled prints etc. car was a 180sx dark purple, whom cops told me was stolen at time of thief. Not happy. Keep your eyes out as they are still at large.
  3. Hey all, I was wondering if anyone is going from melb to adel anytime soon and have space to transport my motorbike as well. Called a few of the transporter business but they cant do jack until after new yr. Would love to ride back but has no tank and dented rim. Let me know if you can help. Obviously reimbursed with cash payment. D
  4. ultrasonic cleaning

    MX - Cool, I'll drop into the shops at ingle farm and have a look see. Wizard - In SA, as far as Im aware, we dont have an Aldi store thus no access to the cheap products you have. I wish we did though. Although, wasnt there talks of an Aldi opening up here some time soon?
  5. Hey all, Does any provide a ultrasonic cleaning service or know of anyone who does? I have some carby's here that need some detailed cleaning. Thanks, D
  6. Welder recommendations

    When I first looked at the link, seemed like a great welder. Then I noticed that it has only 1 yr warranty as oppose to Everlast's 5 yr warranty.
  7. Welder recommendations

    I was just about to ask as well. What one is the everlast equivilent on the tokentools link? As they all seem to be more expensive then the one on the everlast website.
  8. Welder recommendations

    It seems there is a reseller in Adelaide http://www.theoffroadshop.com.au/ Very convenient and for the warranty as well. Thanks again for the suggestion guys, Im going to drop into that store and check it out.
  9. Welder recommendations

    I was just going to say something along those lines - catch cans, intercooler piping and the likes are cheaper now then it was a few years ago. However, if its a custom setup then sure you cant buy generic off the shelf items. But for exhaust, welding of frame, repairing of general metals - I think and hope this welder is more than capable. Aside from the welder itself, Im guessing roughly $100 would be the max for consumable welding related materials?
  10. Welder recommendations

    Ive already enrolled in a cert 2 tig basic course to start off at tafe, which is after work. So that should provide me with the basic knowledge and this welder suggested by you guys would hopefully do the jobs I want and also last a long time. My old man would use it to with building/fixing stuff around the farm.
  11. Welder recommendations

    Your right, dc only. Since my budget would be around $800 max, I think for jobs required, the power 200 would do the trick.
  12. Welder recommendations

    I could be wrong, this is the one I looked at for reference. http://www.machines4u.com.au/view/advert/Power-I-Tig-200/31017/
  13. Welder recommendations

    Considering its able to do steel and alloy, I think ac/dc + hf would be the go. Having said that, I can only think of a number of things that I would need to have alloy welded, in the short term if that, so the option for it long term is definitely a bonus.
  14. Welder recommendations

    Thanks again. Lets hope there is one at a local store, the everlast 200 I see online is roughly $550 inc tax. Having said that, is it entry level? From its specs, its suited to weld on a range of metals which is great to hear. And its single phase, so convenient for backyard diy's.