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  1. I suggest looking into 'Interspire Shopping cart' or if you want a hosted shop, which makes things super easy you could go 'interspire big commerce' or 'shopify'. Look into those things and you should be on your way. do not use OsCommerce or Joomla for ANYTHING. they suck balls. Also, I wouldnt bother with any 'custom built' shopping cart software. just not worth it. stick with the well developed and feature rich software like interspire. inexpensive and very solid platform.
  2. Flash photo gallery

    you dont need any programs. just search for javascript galleries. you might need smoe coding experience tho. there is also some flash/javascript galleries around where you dont need flash. its just built using javascript for settings etc.
  3. Flash photo gallery

    use javascript. flash is for suckers.
  4. Fun little game

  5. remove the plates next time!
  6. Shutter Island

    lol, congrats. I also thought it was good. Did drag on a bit...but not enough for me to hate it. Better than most the crap that comes out these days. i give it 4 out of 5.
  7. Best 4x4!

    LANDCRUISER! KING OFF THE ROAD!!! yes im biased. but they are nice to drive.
  8. this is the best thread ever. I hope this guy and all associated get charged. good luck!
  9. Nismo Injector Plugs

    yeah ive been to petroject. i used to work there. they were actually called petroject, they changed their name to automotive service solutions. they only have the standard plugs. which i am now going to get and just make fit. thanks for the help guys.
  10. Nismo Injector Plugs

    yeah, well that is my final option. was hoping to get the correct plug if possible though.
  11. Nismo Injector Plugs

    okay, new problem. the standard nissan plugs I saw today have the locators in line with eachother. the locators on my injectors are offset i.e one is high one is low. has anyone seen this? any idea where to get this type of plug?
  12. Nismo Injector Plugs

    The injectors are already installed. I do not have any standard injectors or plugs on hand. The problem is, the wiring on one of my plugs is dodgy, so i want to get all new ones. So your saying if they are nismo, then I can just use standard nissan injector plugs, which I can purchase from any nissan dealer?
  13. Nismo Injector Plugs

    sorry, may be 740's. I was just generalising. but yeh, I will go check out some plugs at nissan then. thanks.