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  1. cruise to new kk's at tumbi umbi

    You sound like a Pikachu!
  2. cruise to new kk's at tumbi umbi

    Lenny did you feel the love on the freeway when i gave it a full go as I drove by you? By the way, love the number plate of the black s15, thought it was gold. Took me a while to work out though when I was behind you guys
  3. cruise to new kk's at tumbi umbi

    Was good to meet a few more people today, hopefully the weather will be better next time. Thanks for organising it to
  4. cruise to new kk's at tumbi umbi

    We need the rain.... but on cruise day?!?! lol
  5. cruise to new kk's at tumbi umbi

    The GTR may lurk in to make an appearance
  6. Hey guys, Just about to duck down to the shops this-morning and grab a new set of globes for my R33 skyline. I wanted the crisper looking purplish-bluish light, but i have heard some problems lately about the heating element burning to hot and actually melting some surroundings in the headlight case. Just wondering if any of you guys have recently bought any HID lights recently, and if you have any hints on which ones to purchase from personal experience. Cheers, dd.
  7. R33

  8. k thx guys! Really appreciated
  9. Thx for that slippy. Hmm - unsure if the piping is supplied or not.. This is what he emailed me just before. Im terrible with mechanical stuff, so i wouldnt do it by myself. But does that sound like the piping is included?
  10. G'day, Im purchasing a 95 model R33 gtst this week. However, the bloke who im purchasing the car from hasnt installed the Trust V-SPL Front mount intercooler yet. As he hasnt had time to do it himself. Im just wondering how much it would cost and what would be involved to have this fitted and installed by a workshop. Thanks for your time. dd
  11. Personal preference really... I mean if you can afford to throw $400 bucks away and have found a number plate that specifically suits your or your car then go right ahead and get it. But i do agree with ^aSaP^ with his viewpoint.