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  1. Mobile travel sim

    Buy a sim in whatever country you go to. Free wifi is everywhere too.
  2. American trip, need ideas

    Plan for minimal time in LA. My least favorite city in the states and I really like the US. Have a look around tho... make up your own mind. Manhattan beach is nice to visit in LA? Haven't been to Las Vegas yet. NYC and surrounds is a good idea. Plenty of things to keep you busy around there even if you're not into clubs/ pubs etc. You could probably kill most of your spare time in NYC and be happy. Loads of museums, art galleries, shows, sports, food tourism. Comedy shows and live music shows (jazz clubs) are great there. Boston and Washington DC are great too and give you a good impression of the states. Chicago is a good shout too. San Fran is a good idea for a few days too. Enjoy!
  3. Best BBQ ribs in Adelaide...

    haven't been in a few years but Pink Pig ribs were bloody amazing back then. Can't wait to head back to the states again for that stuff... if you're ever passing through Austin and like bbq, The Salt Lick is a must.
  4. Student Exchange

    Do it. I wish I did... But depending on what degree you're doing, be prepared for a possible shock of work when you get back. I can only think of people that dropped out after returning from exchanges (back into engineering). You should be able to get some idea of costs by asking at uni and for accommodation use craigslist or similar. As to where, look at what unis your uni has partnerships with. Pick the one that specialises in the courses you need most to be successful in whatever career you are after, or the best party town, if that's what you're really after.
  5. I bought a year's travel insurance for South America back in 2009 from STA Travel (underwritten by QBE?). Price was competitive at the time for the cover offered. Approx $1700 from memory. Had to have my wisdom teeth removed. After a bit of juggling around with getting doctors reports, they reimbursed 100% of costs ($700). I would reccomend based on that. I wonder whther the claim process would be so smooth if the amount was greater than the policy purchase price? Word of warning though... Many places may ask you to pay up front regardless so if possible, bring a credit card with a decent limit. It might be different with some insurers though? I think Lonely Plant is affiliated with an insurance provider... Might be just medical though. Not sure.
  6. This is what makes a good business in any industry. Mistakes happen. Displaying a genuine willingness to repair said mistakes while minimising customer annoyance is the mark of a truly good company. Very few do this. All should be given the opportunity though. Regardless, this is no excuse for negligence. No tolerance for that.
  7. South American Countries

    So far for an Aussie, I've only needed one for Brazil. Don't panic too much about it being dangerous. Been here for 2 years now and never been into any real trouble. Just don't be an idiot and you'll be fine.
  8. You and your money

    Money has a varied importance to me. Satisfaction with life and happiness are more important, but much harder to get. Money logically plays a part in that. I sometimes save alot and sometimes splurge. Overall I save. There are some people here who have been saying that it's not such a bad idea to spend your money and buy that thing now. I'm sure they say that refering to reasonable limits. However, it's worth giving thought to your dependents right... I won't be too fussed if I die tomorrow without having bought myself that car, but my dependents inheret all of my savings. Different forms of satisfaction for different stages of life. Having been brought up in a financially stable household is something I would like my children to have. I am responsible for making that happen. In terms of jobs, enjoyment is the most important part for me. I say that having experienced two extreme ends of the spectrum. High paying job with conditions that forced a harsh lifestyle, and now a reasonable paying job with a great boss and ridiculous oportunities to learn and move in the company. The new job is contributing far more to my happiness and life satisfaction. Interesting to read others' opinions though. I'm sure different cultures would probably influence opinions also.
  9. Something I would suggest is to try to exploit your language and cultural knowledge/ experience. Aus has quite strong trade relations with Japan. Why not try to take advantage of that... I assume you speak Jap very well and also understand their customs and culture. This is fkn valuable and rare for a white Aussie (assumption). Wine sales/ marketing? minerals trade? shipping? education marketing? Komatsu? Toyota? Sony? Tuna? Uranium? Aus is going relatively well compared to the rest of the world. I would try to find a job where you can exploit your unique abilities and earn extra coin while doing a job that would no doubt be pretty interesting. I would pick Melb. But Sydney is pretty decent too. I'd be happy being based in either. Good luck with it.
  10. New Workshop Recently Opened

    Used to hate that whole "it's a privilege to have your car at my workshop" thing from most workshops. From an end user point of view, my advice would be: Treat all customers the same. Obviously do/give extra to loyal long term customers to reward their loyalty. Get jobs done on time. If you are experienced this shouldn't cause too many overtime hours. If not then you'll learn quick. Be realistic quoting lead times. Don't be greedy with margins. Avoid mates rates. If everyone pays, then you have to do quality work, on time, every time. Pay and get paid. Communicate with your customers early if there is an issue. The best judge of a business is how they deal with problems. Shit happens in any business. Many reasonable people accept this. The good operators deal with problems appropriately and take the time to explain and make their customers feel valued. The bad ones logically don't. Good luck. It takes balls to start a business!
  11. NS.COM's 'VETERANS' thread!

    Remember when Veilside was cool. JMS was around. Wingfield and deli corner were good spots. Sold the 32. Bought a Corolla. Now have money... Keen to get another car to keep me entertained again soon though. Used to love that 32.
  12. Possibility of moving to Japan?

    Firends living over there atm near nagoya say it's life as usual. I get the impresion that away from the quake zone there are no real issues. Not like those that buoy describes anyway. Unless you speak Jap fluently, you're skilled or very well connected. Then your only somewhat lucrative option would be English teaching. Working culture in Jap is a horrible change for an Aussie though. Accomodation shouldn't be a problem atm. Language would be a problem, but you can survive with just English. Do it. Find out for yourself. GL.
  13. Whales vagina's not that bad. Got rated NY Times #1 tourist destination of 2011... I wouldn't come here to travel though... Unless you like whale vagina like fillme suggests.
  14. Your Chilean friend is probably just being modest then. Apart from non-violent theft, it's safe as here. Those cheap flights to the US will open up your options in terms of where to start. Otherwise from aus you can really only head to BA or Santiago directish from Aus. Some comments... 5/6 weeks is a relatively short amount of time. Most of latin america is fairly different to Aus so doesn´t really matter where you go unless you're after something specific like surfing/ snow/ whatever. I'd suggest heading North along the east coast of SA. Start in Buenos Aires and then head north into uruguay then Brazil finishing in rio. This itinerary needs to include Ilha Grande for a few days. Or head north from santiago to Peru/ Bolivia. First route would be my preference. Piece of advice... Most of the lonely planet guides I've read appear to be written by someone who hasn't actually been to whereever they are writing about. Sometimes way off. Much better off just reading on the net and asking other travellers for reccomendations...
  15. Cheap place to get tyres taken off rims

    Bridgestone on grange rd near coles and accross the road from as shell? always used to do it reall cheap. $5 a corner strip old and fit less old. Used to leave them there in the morn and pick up in the evening. That way they can do it in their spare time. Just keep in mind that there is a risk you can damage tyres when you have them taken off.