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    Hi guys, checking in to see if any of the old crew are still about?!
  2. Sunshine Coast People

    Spam has made its way into this thread...sad but removed!
  3. Japnats 2015 - Queensland Raceway

    Annnnd I'm interstate again for work during this. I hear ya Silvieson!
  4. Looks like a good mix of cars went too!
  5. quite a few coming up I see...every month and a bit!
  6. Resurrected from the dead this post was!!
  7. MX5 Club QLD Track Day - Lakeside

    Probably worth asking...not restricted to MX5's I assume?
  8. It's finally running.

    Hope you've had some luck in the PM's mate. i assume you have checked the classifieds as well yea?
  9. Dont be slack Anthony...haha
  10. Hey Pyro and Cheddar! I won't be making it, I spoke with Steve today and wanted to say I'm bummed I'm too busy tonight. Prepping for an additional family member due next week has taken a LOT of my time lately, that and work Hope you guys have fun back up in Brissie.Garden City is a bit of a mindF**K right now so good luck with the carparks there too.
  11. sounds like you got lucky this time bro! I'd probably see if you can get a slightly modified fab in the zorst as robbo suggested.
  12. even though it sounds like you got lucky this time without requiring the fix, i would be 99% certain the next officer would still be likely to defect you properly for the height. Regardless of how this issue was 'resolved' What exactly is the infringement notice for if not for a defective vehicle? Did he classify it as something else? Seems odd man...lucky, but odd.

    I miss seein the ol' girl Anthony...it's still lookin good!
  14. Rollcage fab Brisbane/Gold Coast

    I have no personal experience with them, but their work looks pretty good! Here is their facebook page - no solid website it seems. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Fabulous-Fabrications/172142296162949?ref=stream&hc_location=stream