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  1. things that annoy you

    If your talking about land cruiser ute.... Than have you ever tried to park one of them. Piece of shit turning radius. It's so shit
  2. Is Australia Becoming Corrupt?

    I would be asking why is it un-fit to come in but yet if you pay up it is allowed. There is deffo something wrong there
  3. I would just go through and check all fuses in the kick panel and under the bonnet
  4. I did a quick search on google and everything and got A few ideas but I good like some pictures of different colored s13 aero out so I can work out what color I would like
  5. Can anyone help

    Yeah I know one you mean
  6. Can anyone help

    I think temp senso is f**ks reads quite hot but aftermarket only reads 50. Has no cold start I know that but yet starts pretty easy just won't idle until warm and when take it out of gear it won't idle long have to keep starting it
  7. Can anyone help

    So I got a rb20det onevia today and it has a little issue. When it is cold it won't idle longer than 10sec, has a miss as well but if you rev or or go for drive it doesn't miss no matter if its hot or cold. And once its warmed up it idles fine and everything. I know it doesn't have cold start on it but they won't explain the miss. I am putting it down to a shitty coil pack. And why have you guys done for cooling wise when it comes to rb in s13 and yes I have searched but nothing really came up
  8. Anyone used ceva car transport

    Yeah guy I am getting my 180 off said it was a close call to it getting on
  9. Anyone used ceva car transport

    Has to go from healesville back to Melbourne than to Sydney than to me
  10. Anyone used ceva car transport

    I am getting my 180sx shipped through them from Victoria to near qld border and its costing 1393 bucks which isn't to bad
  11. Has anyone used ceva car transport before and can give me feedback on them
  12. tax times fun times

    Got mine back 3393 bucks and its all gone on a 180sx sr20det 5 speed
  13. Tamworth Drift

    Yes stanthorpe does have a mate that does it there every so often otherwise best best is Coffs Harbour Brisbane or Sydney
  14. Tamworth Drift

    What I last heard drifts don't happen at ram worth anymore cause drift club and track owners could come to a agreement
  15. things that annoy you

    And where I work have offered me a traineeship in parts