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  1. xxxs13's Training Diary

    4/10/2010 Monday (Muscle Pit) Bench Press 2x8@ 60kgs 1x2@ 80kgs then 3 Board Press 1x3@ 90kgs 1x1@ 100kgs 1x0@ 105kgs Supported Row 1x12@ 30kgs 1x8@ 40kgs 1x5@ 50kgs Seated K/B Shoulder Press alternate with bands and handles 3x16@ 24kgs Band Pulls for abs 5/10/2010 Tuesday Squat 1x15@ 60kgs 1x12@ 80kgs 1x10@ 100kgs (PR for 100kg reps) Leg Press 1x10@ 100kgs 1x8@ 150kgs 1x5@ 150kgs Stiff Leg Deadlifts 1x15@ 60kgs 1x12@ 80kgs 1x6@ 100kgs Side Briges couple of rounds
  2. xxxs13's Training Diary

    23/8/2010 Monday Squat 1x15@ 60kgs 1x12@ 80kgs 1x5@ 100kgs (legs cramped up bad) Bench Press 3x8@ 65gkgs Pullups 3x10 Knees to elbows 3x8 Notes: Did some Cardio the next day a little on the rower and some Turkish situps 3x20 with 10kg D/B 31/8/2010 Tuesday Bench Press (close) 1x12@ 60kgs 2x10@ 65kgs Squat 1x15 @70kgs 1x12@ 80kgs 1x9@ 90kgs Bent Row 1x15@ 60kgs 1x12@ 65kgs 1x9@ 70kgs Hanging Knee to elbows 3x10 1/9/2010 Wednesday Military Press 3x10@ 40kgs Pullups 3x10 Dips 3x10 Curls 3x10@ 0Bar 8/9/2010 Tuesday Squat 1x15@ 60kgs 1x12@ 80kgs 1x9@ 100kgs most reps ive done with 100kgs Dips 1x12 1x10+ 10kgs 1x9+ 20kgs Deadlifts 1x15@ 60kgs 1x12@ 80kgs 1x9@ 100kgs Pulldown few sets Fitball Situps 20/9/2010 Monday Squat 1x15@ 60kgs 1x12@70kgs 1x10@ 80kgs Leg Press upto 10 reps of 160kgs Back Ext 3x12 22/9/2010 Tuesday Bench 1x15@ 50kgs 1x12@ 55kgs 2x10@ 60kgs Bent Row up to 10 reps of 70kgs Military Press up to 40kgs 10 reps Bridge 2 mins
  3. xxxs13's Training Diary

    2/8/2010 Monady (Muscle Pit) Bench Press 3x3@ 80kgs (with pause on 1st rep) Wide Row 3 sets up to 14 on Stack Arnie Press 3x8 up to 25kgs Tate Press 3x12@ 15kgs 3/8/2010 Tuesday Squat 3x3@ 115kgs Leg Press 3x10 up to 200kgs Back Ext 3x12 leg Raises 3x12 5/8/2010 Thursday Bench Press 8x3@ 47.5kgs Pullups 3x or so Military Press 3x@ 40kgs Dips 3x8 up to 10kgs around waist 6/8/2010 Friday (Muscle Pit) Deadlift 1x5@ 100kgs 1x3@ 14kgs 1x3@ 185kgs(PR) and 1x2@ 190kgs (PR) Glute to ham developer 3x8 Back Ext with Cambered Bar 3x8 9/8/2010 Monday Squat 3x2@ 122.5kgs (failed on last rep) Bench Press 2x2@ 82.5kgs 1x2@ 85kgs Face Pulls with Cables few sets Bridge 2 mins 13/8/2010 Friday (Muscle Pit) Squat 3x1@ 60kgs Bench Press 3x1@ 60kgs (Paused) Deadlift 3x1@ 60kgs 15/8/2010 CAPO NATIONAL POWERLIFTING TITLES Squat 1st 115kgs 2nd 127.5kgs (PB) 3rd 130kgsX Bench 1st 80kgs 2nd 90kgsX 3rd 90kgsX Deadlift 1st 180kgs 2nd 195kgs 3rd 202.5kgs (PB) 4th 207.5kgsX Total: 410kgs@ 66.3kgs Mens Open/Senior Division 3 more Senior Mens National Records for Squat,Deadlift and Total.
  4. xxxs13's Training Diary

    27/7/2010 Tuesday Squat 3x3@ 107.5kgs Bench 3x3@ 77.5kgs Muscle ups 1x7 and 8 pullups also another 2x10 pullups 31/7/2010 Saturday Deadlift 1x5@ 100kgs 1x3@ 140kgs 1x3@ 175kgs (PR) Bench Press (Speed) 9x3 @47.5kgs 3 grip changes One Arm Rows 1x12/10/8/6 upto 35kgs Skull Crushers 3x12 with bicep curls in between
  5. xxxs13's Training Diary

    22/7/2010 Thursday Bench Press 4x3@ 75kgs Pullups worked up to 3reps with 25kgs around waist Military Press 3x8@ 40kgs Skull Crushers 3x15 obar 23/7/2010 Friday (Muscle Pit) Deadlift 1x5@ 100kgs 1x3@ 140kgs 1x3@ 160kgs 1x3@ 170kgs (PR for 3reps) Uneven Squats with Kettlebell 3x8@ 20kgs Suspended Good Mornings (Buffalo Bar) 1x5@ 60/80/100 and failed at 120kgs Back Ext plus chains 3x12 25/7/2010 Sunday Bench Press Speed work 8x3@ 47.5kgs Squats 3x3@ 100kgs bit of technique stuff Bent Rows up to 80kgs Lower Back Ext 3x12
  6. xxxs13's Training Diary

    16/7/2010 Friday (Muscle Pit) Reverse Band Deadlifts(bands stopped working just above knee height) 1x5@ 140kgs 1x3@180kgs 1x1@ 200kgs 1x1@ 210kgs 1x1@ 220kgs Leg Press (Single leg alternating) 3x16 Heavy Glute to Ham Developer 3 sets with the bands Back Ext few sets up to 12 19/7/2010 Monday (Muscle Pit) Reverse Band Bench Press 2x2@ 120kgs 1x0@ 125kgs Seated Row wide grip 3x10@ 15 on the stack Arnie Press 3x8 up to 20kgs Dips 3x6@ 16kgs Ab Wheel 3x12 20/7/2010 Tuesday Squat 1x8@ 60kgs 1x5@ 100kgs 1x5@ 105kgs Pullups 3x10 Rack Pulls (Below Knees) 3x5@ 140kgs Back Ext 3x12 up to 10kgs plus
  7. xxxs13's Training Diary

    6/7/2010 Tuesday Squats 1x8@ 60/80kgs 1x5@ 90/100kgs 1x3@ 105kgs Bench Press(Speed work) 8x3@ 45kgs Deadlift 1x5@ 100/120/140/150kgs Military Press 3x8@ 40kgs Face Pulls with cables few sets up to 15 Knee to elbows 3x8 9/7/2010 Friday (Muscle Pit) Reverse Band Deadlifts 1x5@ 180kgs 1x3@ 200kgs 1x1@ 220/230/240kgs 1x0@ 250kgs Reverse Hypers 3x10 up to 160kgs Torsonator Hack Squats 3x5@60/80/90kgs 11/7/2010 Sunday Bench Press Negatives 1x1@ 90/100/105/100kgs Squats 1x8@ 60/80/100kgs Bent Rows upto 80kgs for 8 reps 14/7/2010 Wednesday (Perfect Balance Dunsborough) Squats 1x8@ 60/80kgs 1x5@ 100/105kgs Bench Press 3x5@ 70kgs Wide Pullups 3x10 Upright Rows few sets of 8 up to 30kgs 2 min Bridge Notes: On holilidays i think the bars are lighter maybe 18kgs
  8. xxxs13's Training Diary

    22/6/2010 Tuesday Squat 1x8@ 60/80/90 3x5 100kgs Incline Bench few sets up to 60kgs for 5 or so Bent Row 3x8@@ 80kgs 25/6/2010 Friday (Muscle Pit) Deadlifts (speed) 8x3@ 95kgs 15secs rest Deadlift Max Reps 2mins - 20reps at 135kgs (2xBW) Reverse Hypers 3x10 with 160kgs Box Jumps max height worked up to 48inch jump Feet pulls with Bands a few sets 29/06/2010 Tuesday Squat 3x5@ 100kgs Bench 1x5@ 70 1x3@ 72.5 2x5@ 70kgs One arm row up to 30kgs 2/7/2010 Friday (Muscle Pit) Deadlit (Speed) with Trap Bar 8x3@ 100kgs Glute to Ham Developer 3 sets of 10 up to 160kgs K/B Swings 3x 15secs on/off with 24/28/32kgs Feet Pulls with Bands
  9. xxxs13's Training Diary

    12/06/2010 Sunday Squat 1x8@ 70/80/90kgs Floor Press up to 80kgs SLDL up to 90kgs Bent Rows around 60kgs 16/06/2010 Wednesday Squat 1x8@ 60/80kgs 1x5@ 100kgs Rack Press couple inches from chest up to 85kgs Bent Rows 1x8@ 60/70/80kgs Hanging Knees to elbows 18/06/2010 Friday (Muscle Pit) Zercher Sumo Deadlift Rack Pull (Zercher Harness) 1x8@ 100kgs 1x5@ 140kgs 1x3@ 180kgs 1x1@ 200kgs Leg Press 3 sets failure 200kgs Reverse Hyper 3x10@ 160kgs Tripple Jumps 3x8 Oblique ab pull with bands 3x12 20/06/2010 Sunday Front Squats 1x8@ 60/70 1x5@ 80kgs Incline D/B Press 1x12@ 20kkgs 1x8@ 25kgs 1x6@ 30kgs Sumo Deadlift High Pull 3x8 with 40kgs Pullups 1x10+10kgs 1x8+15kgs 1x6+20kgs
  10. xxxs13's Training Diary

    11/6/2010 Friday (Muscle pit) Rack Pull Lockouts (just above knee) 1x8@ 100kgs 1x3@ 140kgs 1x5@ 180kgs 1x1@ 220kgs (15kgs above last times lockouts) Squat holds 1x100/140/180/200kgs for 20 seconds very crazy having this much weight on shoulders Seated Box Jumps for height Back Ext 3x12 and 2Bar situps 3x12 or so
  11. Yeah its was a great day for all i think, lot of lifters the most ive seen at the W.A comps in my short time and almost everybody Raw. Lots of records broken but not sure many will stick in the end because they are not a member with Capo. Came away with the following Squat 1st 110kgs 2nd 125kgs(PB) 3rd 130kgsX Bench 1st 80kgs 2nd 87.5kgs (PB) 3rd 90kgsX Deadlift 1st 170kgs 2nd 193.5kgs(New Senior/Open Aus Record)(PB)3rd 206kgsX Total 406kgs@ 66.8kgs 2nd place 67.5kg Division no belt
  12. Cheers mate my name is morgan ill be in the 67.5kg mens division You should just have a go and set some lifts its a real good way to keep motivated to get stronger, when i did my first comp i was opening with 70kg Bench Presses completely embarrassing, but everyone is supportive you dont have to worry about your lifts just set some attempts and enjoy the day.
  13. yeah will be having a lift, see ya there
  14. xxxs13's Training Diary

    17/5/2010 Tuesday (Muscle Pit) Squats 3x2@ 110kgs Good mornings with cambered bar 3x8 up to 80kgs or so Hip machine 3x8 Plyo Drop jumps Band pulls with legs for abs 19/5/2010 Thursday Bench Press 6x3@ 45kgs Speed work Pullups 3x8 with 15kgs around waist Shrugs 3x16 with 30kg D/Bs Bridges 20/5/2010 Friday (Muscle Pit) Deadlift 3x2@ 170kgs (90%) Leg Press 3x10 heavy Plyo Tripple Jumps 3x8 Glute to ham developer 3x5 Turkish Situp 3x20 with 12kg K/B 24/5/2010 Monday Bench Press 1x5@ 60kgs 1x1@ 80kgs 1x1@ 90kgs (PB after so long) Squat 1x1@ 100kgs 1x1@ 110kgs 1x1@ 122.5kgs (PB) Bent Rows 1x15@ 60kgs 1x12@ 70kgs 1x9@ 80kgs Notes: Bench and Squat both felt smooth no struggle more in the hatch 30/5/2010 Sunday Capo State Power Lifting Championships Squat 1st 110kgs 2nd 125kgs(PB) 3rd 130kgsX (New Senior Aus Record) Bench 1st 80kgs 2nd 87.5kgs (PB) 3rd 90kgsX (New Senior Aus Record) Deadlift 1st 170kgs 2nd 193.5kgs(New Senior/Open Aus Record)(PB)3rd 206kgsX Total 406kgs@ 66.8kgs (New Senior Aus Record for Total) 2nd place 67.5kg Division no belt Got Accredited for 4 National Senior Records would of loved the Open but ill take what i can i get lol. 6/6/2010 Sunday Front Squats few sets up to 80kgs Close Bench 3x8 up to 70kgs Power Cleans 3x5@ 60kgs Pullups chest to bar 3x8 8/6/2010 Tuesday Dips 4x8 up to 25kgs around waist Over head Squats up to 40kgs One arm rows 10/8/6 up to 30kgs complexed with Stepping Lunge 10/8/6 up to 40kgs
  15. Congratulations Blake

    Awsome effort there mate congrats on the lifting