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  1. As the topic states who is going to see Paul Van Dyk play a set at the Palace Metro Theatre this Friday night? I am flying over and spending 3 nights at he Novotel just to see it and have a huge weekend of Partying.

    Yay i have a Ford Focus XR5 Turbo so that makes me happy.
  3. Xbox live gamertag

    My gamertag on Xbox live is MIRAGE11 funny that eh.
  4. Halo 3 Countdown! for xbox 360

    First official review of the game is out at www.teamxbox.com. Confirmed it is the best Xbox360 game to date. TeamXbox Halo 3 Review.
  5. Halo 3 Countdown! for xbox 360

    Just on 24 hours to go now.
  6. Halo 3 Countdown! for xbox 360

    Two retail copies have already been sold on Ebay. Some one managed to get their hands on 2 copies and make themselves quite a handy profit.
  7. Halo 3 Countdown! for xbox 360

    Got my collectors edition on Pre order. Already taken a couple days off work to play it when it comes out on release date. Gunna be awesome.
  8. home audio speakers

    I purchased a set of DALI Blue series Floorstanders for $1299 a couple of years ago. Probably cheaper now but they are excellent speakers for the money.
  9. bought an xbox 360

    Dude i was going to write post similar to yours but probably not in that much detail though. Agree with you totally.
  10. Nokia N95

    If the N95 is the GTR of mobile phones i have got to see the Bugatti Veyron of phones.
  11. If you want more convincing just how good these little hatches are watch this review by Top Gear. [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oQM1NUmK3qA"]Ford Focus XR5 Turbo Top Gear review[/url]
  12. So did you end up getting a Focus XR5 turbo in the end? I sold my 202rwkw s14a two months ago and brought a brand new XR5 in Colorado red. All i can say is i absolutely love the car. The engine note is awesome and the amount of torque the engine produces so early in the rev range is amazing. Handling, Comfort and brakes are all excellent too. Already done a couple of mods to it since buying it. Dropped in a K&N panel filter in and also added a Superchips Bluefin Stage 1 upgrade. Improved power and torque from standard 166kw and 320nm to now 205kw and 440nm. The amazing thing is all that 440nm of torque is there at only 1800rpm. The throttle resposnse is phenominal.
  13. Have to admit the Typre R in red really are eye catching becuase of their unique look and the colour.
  14. I will have 2 360's now. Mine broke 2 months out of the original 12 month warranty so i just bought a new one. Now it's back in warranty i'll get it fixed for free and have a spare back up.
  15. LAG! how much do u have?

    So i guess with that being said what we should all be saying is when our cars actually start to spool up and throw you back in your seat then. In that case mine is spooling from around 1600rpm and hits really hard at 2000rpm. 2.5litre 5 cylinder Turbo FTW