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  1. S15 6 speed rebuilt or 5 speed conversion

    My current 6 speed is playing up, so need to do somthing about it, dont think i will get it rebuilt, was going to put a 5 speed in from a S13\14, but now Im thinking of getting the rb25 gearbox conversion done.
  2. I use my S15 Jap Spec-R on the track for drifting as much as i can, i'v herd\read the 5 Speeds are stronger ?
  3. im looking for a replacement for my standard S15 helical, looks like Kaaz only have a 2way to replace it... Anyone know if Nismo or anyone else does a 1.5way to replace the S15 helical ? Or does anyone know how to do the change to another r200 diff, just worried about the ABS on mine.
  4. username change request

    Can i get my name changed to Bobstar please
  5. i'v just installed a HKS turbo timer my self, all the wiring seems right. when you take the keys out the motor still runs but it dosent turn off after the time u set it for. Does anyone know what the problem mite be ?
  6. fuel tank damage

    your right it's the fuel pump don't know what happened to it but got it replaced and its running good now
  7. suspension problem

    I had the same sort of problem and found out that my center bearing needed replacing.
  8. I had a bit of an incedent on the weekend and put a dint in my fuel tank. it's about fist size, and now i'm having a lot of problems with fuel getting through. my car is standard with exauest and air filter. i had just lost my licence for 6 months so the car had been sitting there with the same fuel in it, can fuel go off ?, does anyone know good ways to clean the fuel tank.
  9. I'm trying to make my car drift ready and i was just wanting to know what people think about drifting with 4 wheel stearing. do the professional drift cars have it.
  10. supercharged silvia?

    I think its a good idear, have it sitting out of the bonnet. and have some wet nos! with it
  11. I don't have one on mine, and the mechanic that put my motor together said i don't need it on.
  12. speedo problems

    it works most of the time, just goes funny some times
  13. i have a silvia S13 and my speedo some times just drops to 0 or goes off the clock and sits there for no reason. could it be just a loose wire or somthing, that i could fix. or could it be major problem.
  14. CA18 DET V's SR20 DET

    are they still making the SR20's
  15. CA18 DET V's SR20 DET

    i have really learnt alot from this site. i realise they are boath really good motor's just different in a way.