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  1. hahah yeah i definitely agree with yous both on the knowledge part there; makes alot of sense. i'm all for knowledge but ill most probably look for an already manual/turbo and learn the ropes slowly (before i get in deep sh1t money-wise and without a working car haha) thanks for that info mojizzy, sounds awesome!.. when you say 'that was everything needed' do you mean you just paid them the $1500 (and your auto box), and THEY supplied everything for the manual conversion? or do i have to come up with the parts..? did the conversion turn out well and were they easy to deal with? in this case i might actually consider looking for an auto/turbs....... Thanks for all your input guys, much appreciated:p
  2. Thanks for all the quick responses guys, very informative and much appreciated I guess ill have to spend a bit more and wait a bit longer until a decent manual/turbo does come up. Assuming that most manual/ turbo 13's and 180's are at least basically modded, what would you guys consider a reasonable price? i know it depends on location etc but i just want some sort of ballpark figure of what i should be expecting! but as a side question, just curious as to the thoughts on a manual non turbo... as the manual conversion part would be cut out the problem(?) and i would just need a DET motor (and clutch flywheel.. sr20det ECU ?) can it be that simple or are there other parts and things involved that would need to be done for a successful conversion? cheers
  3. Hey guys just have some questions here in regards to choosing my first silvia. Sorry if this is in the wrong section! Alright, im currently looking to buy a silvia s13. But here in perth, (decent and cheap) s13s are becoming extremely difficult to come by. Im looking to spend less than 3500. The plans/objectives for the car will just be a clean turbo/manual daily driver that i can enjoy and have fun in (No track use). There are 4 choices as you all know (from factory) are: - turbo/ manual - turbo/auto - non turbo/manual - and the worst of the bunch - auto/non turbo I would MAYBE do a manual/T swap IF i chose auto/NA later on.. but that means more $$$ and im very unsure about any legality issues that would arise by swapping the factory sh1t out (yellow sticker??). the best option is to obvs go manual/turbo but they are simply so bloody hard to find for that price, the same can go for the manual/NA sometimes. there are some cheap auto/NA's around but that means more work and $$ in the future. is it really worth it??? and alot of these auto/NA's are unrego'ed aswell, which makes it even more difficult to chose if its cheap... i really dont know what to do haha, what do you guys recommend i really look for? are there gonna be any legal troubles if i choose a Non Turbo/auto and eventually do a Manual T conversion?? or is the only real option to wait and keep looking for a NON AUTO...? ps. im not a P plater lol and i havent really done an engine swap before! thanks guys
  4. My R32 Skyline Build

    yeah man thats true, might decide on my first project soon looking forward to this build bro, keep us all posted man
  5. My R32 Skyline Build

    kinda in the same boat as you man!, (except im still thinking about whether to start off buying an s13 or r32 ) anyhow my plan was to build an SR R32, so im gonna say go for it haha... however there doesnt seem to be ANY build threads or info on how to do it, so im kinda reluctant on buying an r32 for that purpose ill be following the sh1t out of this
  6. hahaha this guy sounds like a joke, i deffs won't make build thread unless its worth it
  7. thought i responded to this...sorry dudes! Having an undriveable car is KILLER. Especially when you're 100% addicted to cars that drive. This. It's good advice, particularly since it comes from the king of buying cars that don't work or understeer into trees. Hey... that car had suspenion-balance-ruining sparkles on it, you know that. Cheap shot. Never do jobs because you've "Gone this far" and "might as well", etc. It snowballs, and two years later you have a car on stands in the garage with no panels, no interior, no engine, and 10k worth of parts sitting in the living room waiting to go in. If the car is running, only do mods that NEED to be done, or can be done within a day. great advice guys... i definitely will spend a bit more rather than get the cheapest one i can find and clean it all up. i plan to own the car for quite a while (assuming theres nothing terribly wrong with the car), and i will be looking to make it pretty responsive (and torquey! ) I dont want too much downtime (no point having an undriveable car) and therefore reliability is a must, so im probably swinging towards the sr20 route. Just due to the fact that there is so much more forum/tech support, more parts available, easier to work on (so ive heard), mod response, and theyre a cheaper car, with plenty availability... ive done a bit of homework and im pretty keen and sold on an s13, but im not sure when i bring in the option of an rb20 R32, however im a bit hesitant on the amount of support and lack of parts available for the rb... hmmm my best bet would probably test drive both i think lol. would you guys agree? or would any of you guys make any recommendations as to what to choose, based on my purposes? if that made sense.... i know im probs playing with fire when i bring in the rb vs sr argument lol thanks
  8. haha yeah ive been reading heaps about them:) something i want to do one day!.. is there any threads here on NS? i think ive only seen one:/ yeah definitely agree that an engine swap is not the smartest thing to do for a first project haha... hmmm, starting to consider the rb more now lol. if i plan to use the car as a weekender or the odd occasional drifter, what engine is better suited for reliabilty? ive been reading plenty threads in the last 6 months that some people prefer RB's in the s13?, is that just due to less cost factor? also, hate to ask this question, but what does a 'good' s13 or an R32 go for these days price wise? given that its not a pos, has rust or has previous chassis damage? pretty keen on either one, so may as well aim for some benchmark;) cheers wizard
  9. looks awesome mate, trying to upgrade from my ghey 1100D
  10. yeah good point, thats what im afraid of doing! (buying absolute sh!tbox).. ill probably have to fork out more for a decent one:/ thanks for that info, from what ive read on NS, SR seems to be the go with most members here... i was thinking about which one i should choose and i thought about an R32 with an SR. There doesnt seem to be too much support or many users on this topic, but would you have any ideas as to what the swap consists of? surely everything cant be a simple bolt on and off is it a difficult swap? ermm i was deadset on an s13, just cause they seem cheap and a great way to start learning on etc. i own an NA Supra and wanted to finally go turbo, but not spend so much $$ (so the s13 seems perfect for my situation), but i do like the R32's shape, but im pretty keen on an SR, so im not too sure now haha. ill probs have about 6-7K to play around within the next few months, possibly more - just depends what comes up i guess. i definitely dont want to buy someone elses problems though! haha least im not the only one! thats awesome man, i guess im just a bit hesitant on buying something really cheap and then dealing with all problems afterwards, but you probably learnt alot more dealing with them than just buying an already completed one:O hmmmm, decisions decisions... thanks for all your input guys, much appreciated!
  11. Hey guys, new to nissan silvia and just looking for a bit of advice.. ive been on here while but never really made any posts. im thinking about buying a S13(possibly r32) and doing a lot of DIY work just to learn a bit and understand how they work. Im new diy work and have never really done much with cars. im a young apprentice electrician, so im not exactly loaded with cash. but im very interested in engine/mechanical sort of work and its something id love to do as a lifelong hobby. bit of a weird question but here goes: should I look for a cheap, running S13, not exacty in top engine condition, and learn to do a bit of DIY sort of stuff myself? Or should I spend a little more in looking for a good s13 that’s more reliable and then do it up myself,? other thing is, or should I buy an R32 (Rb20), play with that and learn a little bit; and then eventually swap an SR into it? .…- doesn’t seem to be too many around and probably not experienced to that but R32’s are becoming harder to find and I just thought that would be a way to have an older/unique sort of car with an awesome setup. (car will be more a weekender and project…. But cant be an absolute lemon that it wont run and be rendered undrivaeable lol) ps, im new so don’t flame me, just looking for a bit of advice thanks guys!