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  1. Craigs super slapper special

    to do check list: - duck tape drivers side quarter window -bash out rear guard with big fk off hammer so tyres dont scrape - brace bent shit - continue living track car life
  2. slide hammer big hammer bog dirt mixed in with glue or rubber tile glue.. dunlop brand
  3. VicDrift - DriftX

    bet there will be some carnage by the end of the day
  4. My F31 Leopard

    rb30e+t here we come cheap and simple then 25 head on it later
  5. SpotMan's Clown Car & Jzx90 daily

    how'd the trailer ramps go, alloy or steel?
  6. picked up a gasket from forced Motorworx today, its great not having to deal with nissan at times
  7. Hello from Canada

    for meets search facebook, kids are all into that thing...forums are dead.. well on ns that is
  8. two tone 6.0 litre silvia build - Going Widebody

    http://www.ebay.com....=item1e6241b442 i'm running a smaller one and it works fine
  9. WTB: ca18 manual parts

    am after ca18 manual conversion parts so just hit me with what yo got and price
  10. Oval Exhaust System

    good work on the exhaust note, you can weld steel to stainless, just means its gonna rust thats all
  11. Oval Exhaust System

    i guess cheapest option would be to weld a bit of flexi on the start of the catback and redo/cutshut the mounts up higher, all pending on how high the muffler and tips are
  12. Oval Exhaust System

    the only bit the would need to be oval is the front pipe as where it meet the cat theres a hump in the floor pan and the cat back on a custom system can be tucked up nicely after that so you just need to section up a oval to 3" round tube adapter
  13. Oval Exhaust System

    say you squashed a lil its not going to have much of a change but say you squash it to half the height it will have less volume
  14. 1JZ Cheap Coilpack Upgrade

    seems like the alloy plate is a big heat sink that draws temps off the coil packs, sounds like it should be applied to most other engines edit: yeah i missed the part where its only 3mm thick
  15. Oval Exhaust System

    if you oval 3" tube by smacking it your effectively making it a 2.5" for flow