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  1. s14/s15 roof spoiler question

    I have a dmax style one that I bought for my s14, ended up going with a origin one. I can measure either one for you. Dmax one is for sale btw

    Bunch of s15s, r32, r34, s13, 86 parked at Westgate kfc inbound. Good day for it. Was in my foz, should have taken my s14 out
  3. Counter-Strike Global Offensive

    completely forgot about this. Worth getting? Played from 1.5 to CS:S. I'm probably one of the very few that say this but CZ is still my favourite version of the game.
  4. Price : $1,800 Condition : Used Stich Gulf 18x9+5 and 18x10+11 - 4/5 Stud Big dish and rare Good condition Rear comes with tyres 1.8k - make an offer, you never know Pickup only Melb east PM or SMS 0423 048 690 Cheers
  5. upper cylinder head cleaner

    been wanting to use this stuff. How do you go about application?
  6. Rattle on deceleration..

    Probably exhaust related or something near the exhaust rattling. It'll happen at a certain exhaust note rather than a specific rev range. Have you checked the cat itself? I had a similar sounding problem and it turned out the cat was stuffed and had bits of it's core rattling around inside itself. Noticed any power loss? Is it boosting fine?
  7. Spolier.. problem of sorts.

    bought rubber grommets from Clark Rubber and used silicon. Easy
  8. nah it's all good dude. Was just a bit of a shock lol. I'm glad you like it, which is the main thing. It's not really the artists fault, they chose a design that you were happy with. I just thought artists these days were big on doing something that wasn't identical to someone else's work. Ha at least it was well executed and doesn't look like an abortion of mine. Looks good Got more planned?
  9. no only two. Mine is the original. The picture was probably taken from this forum... or facebook, tumblr, google images now. FFFUUUUUUU
  10. Lol! Sorry, I had to laugh hmm.. not sure how I feel about this lol. I saw my artist draw this from scratch using a couple of reference pictures and my input. Would have been nice if your artist put some originality into it but meh. Ive had a Iot of artists compliment it so I guess I'm just happy that I have something that I and other people enjoy. Maybe just reference the original artist? https://www.facebook.com/Nathan.Holdfast
  11. Trying the cream for my next sitting. If it stops me from involuntary twitching and tensing when doing my sternum and the top of my ribcage then I don't see why not. Why would I want to make it harder for the artist and risk mistakes from flinching? Plus if I cared about what randoms thought about me, I wouldn't be getting tattooed.
  12. haha f**k ya's. I didn't say the pain was unbearable, I said it was to help stay still. Majority of the tattooists I've had have said they take pain killers when they get work done. Have any of the guys that say toughen up had your chest or ribs done? When I only had my arms done, I said the pain was nothing but the chest is a pretty tough spot around the sternum. Plus if my tattoo is going to turn out better for it then why the f**k not?
  13. My day of the dead girl 8-bit heart Latest one. Next sitting in three weeks for some colour. Have some other ones but these are my fav. Chest is tough. Thinking about using a numbing cream for my next sitting. The pain isn't unbearable but I found it hard to lay still. Has anyone had any experiences with any numbing creams and can recommend one?
  14. definitely look at Caribbean Gardens