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  1. Engine Mounting Plate

    I want my bay to once again look the same
  2. Hi Guys, Long story cut short, Divorced. Lost my car/didnt wanna import it. so i am interested in a new 180... If I rip the sr20/ca18 out... and have the car towed to a garage, can anyone weld a plate beside the original engine plate. (At what cost?) as my 180SX in thailand would take the SR20 again no problems. (not cut away) Basicly, is there a premade design thats you guys weld to it? I can install engines, just cannot weld! this creating that stuff so I really just want a cost of a cut piece of metal and welded (IE: I dont have engine yet)
  3. Writing a Car Reciept

    thanks fellas.. The car is Unregistered.. I dont think it can used a normal registered form
  4. Hello, I live in victoria, I am buying a Unregistered car I need help writing a recept for my brother to sign. does anyone have any idea of how to Write up a document car comes from my brother 1. for a vehicle, ie: Holden Commodore Wagon engine comes from a friend for free 2. for an engine.
  5. My driver side rear wheel is making a jingling keys sound... and I'm sure it's the bearing.. we had flooding recently and I am thinking of replace both rear bearings.. so anyone here know how hard this job is? is there a small guide to follow? I have stop work with the local (THAILAND, Techie.. He is crap) for the last few months been doing everything myself. early this year I removed the turbo off the custom manifold & intake manifold to redo some plumming install a heat insulator and install new goodies.. I've also installed oil relocators and done some major engine work so I dont mind getting my hands dirty.. I got a good set of tools so I am sure I can do this. (THE MAIN THING IS I REALLY REALLY WANT TO LEARN ) my car is Nissan 200SX RPS13 with built up RB25DET all wheels are 5 stud. upgraded anyone that can help me with this i'd much appricate that. thanks fellas! have a good day! EDIT: I have attached my latest engine bay photo.. enjoy
  6. Oil Cooler Confusion!

    every`1 must be partying for NEW YEARS! HAVE FUN FELLAS.. I will BUMP IT LATER!!
  7. On the engine block there is the oil filter location.. (a small hole in the middle, and outer area) does the oil pump out of the small hole? the oil cooler & Relocation of oil filter kit I got, I attached a pic.. please confirm my lines are correct or use the numbers as a guide for me.. thanks fellas! Shaun edit P.S. When I recieved the 2nd hand kit the orings had gasket maker all over them, but I cleaned it all off a got brand new o-rings... should I also apply gasket maker or without that crap!
  8. thanks for the Comment "Smart" Yes I am! hahahahaha I think even if the light goes off while cranking I can use a Large Capacitor maybe 8000mf or a transistor and a baby capacitor to keep relay on. LIKE I USED FOR MY Door Lamp.. FADE Circuit & DELAY OFF :):)
  9. i know to how to do the wiring for Ignition and Start... but I will use relays to protect against accidental push! I need HELP HERE *** I want to add a relay to stop starter motor engaging while engine is running.. A relay disconnect of starter signal wire. I gotta set the coils to ??? Alternator!?!?!? how??? P.S. I have a hidden Fuel Pump Switch hahaha plus in thailand auto theft is almost unheard of! except for PICKUP Trucks.. sell abroad! No one steels cars for joy rides in Thailand... THATS WHY I'd NEVER OWN A NICE CAR IN AUSTRALIA.. too many A$$holes!
  10. hope someone can still help! anyone know? I started to think about the idea that the battery light goes off when engine is running!! how would I use that to activate a relay?
  11. i want to protect against accidental pressing of the button while engine is running.. so starter motor doesn't get damaged! maybe some idiot will press it not knowing wtf!!
  12. Hello. I got a sexy button with a Built in light. I will wire to Ign.. so when IGN is Switched it will LIGHT!! when OFF it will blink :) when PUSHED will START ENGINE... YEH!! can someone tell me a way of using a RELAY to deactivate the switch while engine is already running! thanks
  13. HEY.. theres a groove.... there is.. just dirty cannot see it properly...
  14. I got a 2nd hand Oil cooler for my Engine.. it was a bit oily and dirty so i cleaned it up and came up spankingly shiny!! Very nice!!! NICE!!! (for southpark fans) NICE! I have a large o-ring on the part that connects to the engine.. where the oil filter would go! I notice it has some red silicone glue crap on it as well! do you think I should clean it off then install it without glue? as it has an o-ring? or do I need GLUE?
  15. Tight, Stuck BOLTS...

    cool! great info guys... as usual this FORUM KICK A$$!! thanks so much I will use from my own shop a special air spray... cleaning.. when help upside down it sprays this shit thats BELOW 0 ALOT below!!! i will give that a shot! thanks