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  1. Sr20det main cap bolts

    Email arp.
  2. Also interested as to why. Only difference between 5 and 5.1 is ones glycol based and the other is silicone based but with the same boiling point?
  3. WTB - ae86 rack

    As per above After an ae86 p/s rack.
  4. clutch for 200kw

    What about blast pipes?
  5. clutch for 200kw

    ^Anything npc.
  6. Immaculate Blue 2002 200SX S15 Spec R GT (ADM)

    I have no money but awesome work with the navara stereo. Looks mint.
  7. Wet test to see if anything chaanges and go from there. Did you zero the gauge after the first results?
  8. Could get titanium blast pipes with cash left over 👍
  9. Cold Shifting

    Lack of blast pipes?
  10. oil catch can

  11. Sounds like a rooted regulator but start at the beginning. -belt tension -clean and secure battery terminals -loose earth points -loose/broken alternator wiring -battery load test -test alternator charge rates Hope this helps.
  12. Got a alternator warning light hooked up?
  13. Selling my Starion or swap for a S14/15

    Did it have blast pipes?
  14. WTB Bare sr20det block

    Got one you can have for nothing. Catch is im 1674km away.