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  1. omg took me 3-4 hrs to get through your build thread ! loving quality pics , making me want to build up a 2nd car good work !
  2. **180 tightass budget spec** sr20det

    sorry for late upload of pictures but here are some pictures of what it looked like when i had it,,, MINUS the vskfs : ( at the moment i have sanded thw whole car down ready for a new lick of paint - unsure what colour to paint it yet... either satin black or gloss ? suggestions?
  3. Here I have is a 93' 180sx with an sr20det bought it and figured out later it was pretty butchered Current mods are SR20DET red top Manual High mount manifold (unknown) Hyper gear atr43 Turbo (apparently) Drift catch can Pod filter Front mount inter cooler 5 stud hubs all around (off an s15) S15 brakes all around Front and rear strut brace Kei office coilovers 3" turbo back+single barrel shotty pipe adjustable castor arms Battery relocated to boot Hid lights Unknown body kit all round 30mm wide body up front and rear Stock s15 wheels Car currently idles very rough **!! That is all I can remember off the tip of my head On the day I swapped for my other 180 I also bought a 255lph fuel pump to back the turbo up a little. Future plans are to S15 injectors or 750cc Z32 afm Nistune chipped ecu Rocker arm stoppers Aiming to get approx around 220kw? With this Set up. I have already started to strip it down today during smoke and lunch. And sanded almost 1 side of the car
  4. doing very well my brother. hope to catch up to u soon ! haha