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  1. New Defect Fines?

    Perhaps it was your attitude sunshine?
  2. New Defect Fines?

    . I remember this time as part of my Legal Studies course in High School where we went to the Magistrates Court as a field trip and we sat inside for an hour or so and the judge gave minimum sentences to everyone. We were all shocked that people had been drink driving and speeding and whatever else and he just went 'yeah, you look okay, minimum fine' for the really bad ones he opted in some community service. what you have to realise is your not the judge. you dont understand the sentencing which goes behind every decision. they have a guideline or something to go by in the book. What may seem trivial to you, may be the common concensus by magistrates for someone who has a first offence.. if someone was a major repeat offender he would be sent in the cells for a few months. as the other post describes a 'criminal', i doubt he knew the guy at all considering he would not know the exact details of his rap sheet. all im saying is judges will give harder sentences out when it is warranted. If they all started giving no tolerance sentences, then you would find a lot of people would try and evade capture , do stupid things if they know they are going to court ie not stop for police etc. what you have to do is find a medium between this and giving sentences out to act as a community detterent and to fit the crime. i believe judges HAVE ALL the information and evidence in order to make this decision. if you think you are better than them to make a decision, go become a magistrate and start doing so, just finish a law degree first and get admitted. 1) My only point in the whole thing was you can challenge the fines. it adds some pressure to non-defects which previously had no way of being brought into the spotlight 2) We dont all jack off over legal procedure man. I'm quite aware im not a magistrate and i reckon the apothecary knows too. However outside of your civil libertarian, uni student world there are actually some of us who consider a broken nose to be more serious than exceeding the speed limit by 8ks and hour. but according to you thats all cool. As for the legislation/constitution. again, doesnt need to be changed. Judges just need to stop hugging the pieces of crap who do real crime and stop giving minimum sentences. most things have a max penalty that makes me more than happy. but theyre never used. Clarifying the whole "mate gets king hit" story" and yes i was there. You're sounding like a typical defence lawyer blaming everything else and defaming the victim who "hangs out where druggies do".. Anyway, my SOBER friend watched a guy get kicked out of a pub on rundle street. this guy then goes up to him with the whole "what are you looking at" shit then punches him before my friend said anything. the bouncers who had just kicked him out of the hotel grabbed the guy and pinned him to the floor and the cops came. He was already on bail for similar stuff (cops wouldnt say exactly what) and they found some empty deal bags on him and one of the cops knew him by name, he was also banned from the pub. My friend goes to hospital broken nose, nothing too major. guy goes to court and plead guilty to Assault causing harm, which i'll add is an indictable offence and is specifically defined as a SERIOUS offence in the CLFPA and Summary offences act. so My 'petty' definition of serious is the same as your precious legislation. and carries up to 3 years in prison.. The almighty all knowing magistrate (yes my friend went to the hearing) said that it was an unprovoked attack and was influenced by drugs and alcohol. Anyway. $200(ish) in court costs. conviction without penalty. If you think that or all the other lenient sentences are fair, then you're an absolute dick. Oh and while we're on the topic of how magistrates know everything and always give a sentence that makes everybody happy. http://www.adelaiden...3-1226060698260 SA victims rights commissioner bagging sentencing http://www.adelaiden...3-1226057836469 guy with a disqualified licence, already on a suspended sentence for driving stuff gets into a police chase while drunk. Gets a suspended sentence, no fine (so cheaper than failing to indicate) http://www.adelaiden...c-1111114314889 guy sexually assaults a 15 year old girl 3 times, gets convicted. suspended sentence and a $50 bond. (80% cheaper than using a mobile phone while driving) http://www.adelaiden...3-1225967102104 guy gets bashed and needs 11 steel plates to hold his skull back together. he was an innocent victim - suspended sentence (this one was eventually overturned) not to mention the paul nemer case where he shot an innocent person and initially got a $100 bond - no jail That partially blind driver who killed somebody waiting at the lights - no fine, just lost his licence. Well Legal attorney. after Hijacking another thread for legal debate i can boil it down to this. Yes we can contest defect fines if its a mistaken defect, The apothecary is not a magistrate, And you agree believe that if a judge says that committing a criminal offence is less serious than doing 68 in a 60 zone, then he must be right and the public agree. My opinion is this. its an opinion, so deal with it. People who commit crimes worthy of court appearances should be hit harder than those who commit expiable traffic offences. Breaking my friends nose is more serious than going 8ks over the limit. I believe that more revenue from people who have put themselves in a position of having to go to court for a criminal matter and less from people who have a tail light out is a better way to fund the government and punish those who deserve it. And thats my say on massive fines for defects. Lets keep the constitution and your love for the all knowing power of magistrates out of it yeah? oh, and disorderly behaviour isnt expiable. Well played...
  3. W.T.B. 350z track wheels (5 spoke)

    What are the 18x8" track model (6 spoke) 350z rims worth these days?
  4. hey got any more info on this. one thing i hate is opening my bag up when walking out a store. not because i have anything to hide, but its just the hassle of it all, specially a bag with chest and belt straps etc. let alone the fact they only take a quick look, if i was stealing shit i'd hide it at the bottom and they would never know, lol. cant remember the legislation if they ask to search ur bag, politly say no thanks and keep walking if they insist, tell them that they will have to arrest you and the cops can search the bag if the cops find nothing, you can sue the store for false arrest and your right, if i was stealing something, i would put it in the bottom of my bag with a jumper over the top, or not in the main compartment or on your person (not in the bag) Eevo - I have seen quite a few of your posts in relation to law and legislation... and you clearly have a very meager understanding of it all. Please stop posting as your providing people on here with misleading and sometimes blatently false information. And no i can not be f*cked going back through every post you have made and pointing out exactly where you were wrong.
  5. Guns

    legally owned? Negatory... I'm pretty sure you can't own them in Aus legally. They are a 'prescribed' firearm by regulation.
  6. Guns

    I met a bloke the other day with a .30 calbire M1 Carbine fully auto assault rifle... that was pretty cool.
  7. Speeding infringement

    Na mate... i was asking a question, not making a statment...thats what these little symbols are all about "?" I was asking, what makes you think that he didn't record both of you speeding individually? Which is very possible.
  8. Speeding infringement

    What, he couldn't have recorded both of you speeding individually???...
  9. driver of silver aristo shot dead

    And this information comes from, the media? Can you honestly trust them though? Every operational police firearm discharge is reported to the media, yes. And yes they always publish it. WOW I would love to see what you would do in the same situation trying to "apprehend" him and how many innocent people would have been killed in the process. this what we pay them for. police are provided with a number of non-lethal weapsons for use. he had not threatered any memeber of the public he had not fired his shotgun, despite having prior oppertunity (twice) instead, the police atttitude/your is,... its all too hard, lets just shoot him instead. where is the accountability? You're a massive idiot... Spot on
  10. Not in Australia... Sounds like who ever told you that has been listening to too much Jay-Z there might be some truth to what he is saying. if it has a lock on it, then its deamed to be private or something. Not in this state, in this country, so long as the search is justified, then they can search anywhere in the car including glove box, boot etc. This doesn't so much relate to defects, more so for conducting a search under legislative acts.
  11. Not in Australia... Sounds like who ever told you that has been listening to too much Jay-Z
  12. Buying a defected car...

    It says on the back of the Defect sticker that it is illegal to sell a defected vehicle. However, I can not find anything in the road traffic act referring to it. It may be hidden in some regulations somewhere. Under the same subsection as driving a defected vehicle (S145 RTA)
  13. new hoon laws

    exactly, i wouldnt stop.. id cause a mass high speed pursuit putting potentially tens of peoples lives in danger... GUNNA END UP IN JAIL ANYWAY Mate, you sound like a real upstanding member of the community. Two thumbs up.