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  1. 365hp-RB25-180sx

    Ha, twin scroll would be awesome but Uni funds don't stretch that far. I don't have any updates just working and pumping Uni out so I can take next wednesday off for the morning sesh
  2. 365hp-RB25-180sx

    This weekend I was back in Toowoomba for my girlfriends graduation so had some spare time to work on the car. First I got the car on stands and beat the inside of guards where the wheels scrub whilst on full lock and bent the seam up and under. Painted Did an engine conversion on the corolla.... Then tidied up the engine bay removing the carbon canister, organised some wiring and relocated the "custom" catch can Before After Then I bled the clutch cause the fluid was filthy and the clutch pedal was depressing completely to the floor after about 20-25 engagements. Yeah I was out last QR prac night. I won't be doing another one for a while because I have booked a morning session
  3. The tri-spokes are relatively light but there isn't much difference. I think the hose reel idea is going to be a go. The trispokes are 5 stud and not multi fit, otherwise they would be yours. Also they are my only 17's that I can run on the front for drifts otherwise it's back to s14 stockos.....
  4. Yeah I drove home on it and it was unbelievably unbalanced and shook the whole way home. I'll probably have to swap to 18s on the front whilst drifting and beat the guards such that they fit. Otherwise I have to rep these bad boys on the front......
  5. Hey guys, I recently broke a section of the lip off of one of my Rota Grids. Basically clipped the lip on a ripple strip whilst drifting. I have a few questions, has any one else done this and re balanced the wheel with weight? Does anyone think it is a good idea to even use the wheel again? Like most of you I have seen what catastrophic failure of Rotas look like so I'm being a bit cautious. Most of the broken section is the lip only and very little of the rim wall (as apposed to the 'spoke' section) so do I only have to worry about the tyre coming off the rim?
  6. 365hp-RB25-180sx

    Thanks! Plans at the moment consist of going to as many track days as my budget allows, lower the car some more, get some f+r camber arms and some inner and outer tie rods for extra lock. The car lives in toowoomba and I live in Brisbane so it's a shame I can't spend more time on it. Oh and make a proper bracket for my battery in the rear as the roofing screws holding the last set up in, ripped out during the last Friday night drifts.
  7. 365hp-RB25-180sx

    This is my 180sx. I've had it for a bit over 12 months. Everything on this car is reasonably cheap but ohh so reliable. It's registered, but the only street time it sees is before and after Friday night drifts. Here's the specs.... Power 365hp at 16psi Engine RB25det Garrett T3 Oil cooler and filter relocator HKS adjustable cam gears and cams Forged pistons Shot peened rods Bosch 040 fuel pump 40thou bore 800cc injectors Apexi computer with hc Greddy boost controller 'Custom catch can' Copy hks bov Suspension D2 coil-overs all around Cusco front and rear strut bar Brakes Front: 8 pot D2 with vented rotors Rear: R32 standard brakes Wheels Rota Grids with -20 offset? Interior Bride low max seats Autometer gauges Dish steering wheel Down the line I want to get some adjustable front and rear camber arms, some inner and outer tie rods and shim up the diff but at the moment its great the way it is!