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  1. S14 s2/s15 power fc

  2. S14 s2/s15 power fc

    Selling my power fc and hand controller, for s2 s14 will also fit a s15 if you repin 3 wires, located in brisbane but happy too post. Please text me for any details or photos. 04579360 nine five.
  3. S14 part out

    Helping a friend part his car out. S1 s14 power fc with hand controller $700 Z32 afm with plug $150 550cc injectors $300 Koyorad alloy radiator $350 Mild steel cat back exhaust with xforce muffler $250 Engine loom $120 Kouki tail lights $250 Jdm s1 rear bumper $300 Gt2871r with adjustable actuator stock manifold and one braided speedflow line one fin has a chip missing $600neg Pedders coilovers $500 Seats front and rear $200 1.5 way diff 4.11 non abs $750 Please text 0457936095 for photos/details, not too keen on postage. Can possibly post smaller items like ecu etc. All parts are located in brisbane qld
  4. n/a 180sx

    havnt updated in ages, now has 2 1/2 exhaust done by fabulous, silkroad coilovers, ikeya lower controll arms and waiting on ikeya tie rods, also have some caster arms, full respray in mazda true red by cdr paint and panel, all windows out etc, here is a pic
  5. n/a 180sx

    want the rear 20mm lower and a skinnier tyre on the front
  6. n/a 180sx

    thanks and nah not yet lol
  7. n/a 180sx

    now has a 2-way with higher ratios, h/d clutch, good gearbox, vanquish front lip and type x tail lights, also a little lower, need new rear coilovers so i can get it tucking rim
  8. n/a 180sx

    update, got car back 3 or so weeks ago got stitched so i never paid as its a complete mess and have started cutting the rust out and stuff with my mate and hopefully have that all done soon also go my guards rolled by fat fitment bronze xt7s 17 front and 18 rear type x lights with altezza center will get genuine soon and thinking of getting a dmax boot lip but sorta thinking of the stock type x wing aswell so not sure pic side on is wet btw so paint looks half decent but there are bog lines all threw it also he fibreglassed all the rust and holes when i specifically said weld them, and when i started sanding it back and stuff all the fibreglass was straight over paint and pretty much fell completely out, but ive probably done 50% so far and hopefully get cdr paint and panel to respray with windows out and stuff skirts and pods are also just sitting on there in the photo
  9. n/a 180sx

    car has been in paint and panel for the last week getting rust cut out and about to get painted, also selling my wheels so i can hopefully grab the staggered work xt7s that are forsale but if they sell ill just keep mine, bought 15mm bolt on spacers for the rear aswell and ive got some new pipes for it ill get put on once its pack from paint
  10. n/a 180sx

    oh haha, im going down tomorrow aswell, i paid and stuff and was sitting in the grandstand but every1 would stand straight infront of you, so i was like f**kit and went over there
  11. n/a 180sx

  12. n/a 180sx

    thanks haha, did you see it at short track? ive got the plugs and stuff comming monday, also its going in for paint monday, have got the full type x, like skirts and pods and valance but the paint and panel place can put that stuff on, also might chuck some 15mm bolt on spacers on so its +14
  13. n/a 180sx

    so got my type x stuff today, put the front bumper on, and hopefully getting painted next week, also lowered it a heap, exhaust sits like 50mm of the ground atm have 1 problem tho, dont have the damn bulb holders and the sr20 bumper bump holders dont fit, hopefully can find some otherwise it will have no indicators or parkers -.-
  14. S15. Daily Driver to Garage Ornament

    looks so nice, shame about the defect tho
  15. 180sx - Street Stylez *Lots of NEW pics*

    how far out do the tail lights sit? wouldnt mind a set but dont want to have to change the lower