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  1. Hey guys, Getting my s13 rb25det (r33 5 stud conversion) tracker up to speed before I take it too the track! At the moment my handbrake is loose socks. Can pull it up almost vertically before it locks the back wheels! My mates all own trackers too and are trying to gee me up to put in a hydraulic handbrake setup but I'm not sure if I need it or not.. I understand it will cost a few hundred to get one and wack it in, will it be worth my while? Heard good and bad things, and I know the pro's use em but I won't be doing 150km/h entries any time soon.. I've adjusted the tension on the handbrake lever itself but it won't tighten anymore... Do I need new pads or a new cable? Would I be better off just putting in a hydro? Or fixing the stock setup? Thanks heaps guys!
  2. What Clutch cylinder?

    Okie dokie, Thanks heaps (:
  3. What Clutch cylinder?

    Ah true sweet as. Is there much difference between the two? And would it be a push or pull type?
  4. What Clutch cylinder?

    Rb20 box ay, still get a r33 one?
  5. Hey guys, I own a s13 running an rb25det, its a tracker. Now my clutch pedal is sticking a little bit, comes up about 3/4 of the way sometimes. The clutch itself is fine, very aggressive without slippage.. Now i recently bled it and everything was smick for 5 mins before it started sticking again so I guess my slave needs replacing. When I order a new slave do I order one for a s13? Or should I order one for a r33 'cause I have a rb25det? Just don't want to order the wrong thing. Thanks
  6. Service question, oil change

    Lol it's not going to matter too much to be honest mate. I run NULON because you can go on their website, check thier lube guide and find out all the info regarding all fluids in your vehicle... I did that years back when i bought my first s13, but that's just me! I have mates who swear by Penrite and others who only ever run valvoline! When it comes down to it, your oil is for lubrication. Aslong as you're running something semi/fully synthetic and around 10-40,10-50 etc shouldn't have a problem mate.
  7. Ok thanks heaps! Definately something ill be looking into in the next month or so. Might possibly hold off for now and then upgrade my whole FMIC kit down the road as the one that came with my car is a bit how you going lol. Ah well, thanks heaps for that guys. Ill just keep the stock mani and get a cold pipe in there.
  8. Yeah sweet as, thanks 'BlingCommander'. I had a look at Plazmaman's site, looks like id have to get a r33 intercooler piping kit for around $400 to get the piece i need which isnt too bad as i could always replace all my haggard ass piping... Still curious if id be able to get the cold pipe seperately for cheaper though..
  9. I suppose i should of mentioned this isnt for a mild street-use application, its for my s13 track car. It will get used occasionally and when it does it will cop a bit of a thrashing over the coarse of the weekend. I might just leave it stock for the time being if it really is going to be an expensive mod.. I guess i thought that i may have been able to just buy a 2nd hand plenum from a private sale and than just bolt it on and cut up my FMIC piping.. I dont have an abundance of money only 22, work part time and am trying to get out to the track as often as i can hahaha shits rough.
  10. Hey guys, As the title suggests i own a s13 with a S2 RB25DET. At the moment i have a side facing plenum and heapppps of intercooler piping looping back around the front of the car. Now i intend to swap my plenum to a forward facing setup but im a little unsure what direction i should head in.. After speaking with one of the mechanics i met down at Tuff Tune, i was informed that he could modify my current side facing plenum; basically blocking up the current hole on the side of the plenum and putting a flange on the front, turning it into a forward facing setup... I guess what i am asking is: Would i be better suited buying a second hand forward facing plenum from a private sale? Despite the risk buying something that doesn't fit properly or that is possibly damaged for around that $100-200 mark? Or, should i let tuff tune modify the side facing plenum i have already? Is the any pro's/con's for each option other then price? Say hypothetically both options cost the same, what would be your choice? Anything i should be weary of? Thanks guys..
  11. Drifting - Auto or Manual?

    Someone just watched tokyo drift lol. Seriously though, i wouldn't be spending any money untill you've actually done some research on the topic. I mean you created a thread asking a question which should just be common sense to anyone who has had more then 2 seconds contact with drifting... Google and Youtube are your friend. 'Drift Bible' on youtube is a good watch After you've wrapped your head around the sport, find a way to get in a drift car. Whether you passenger up with an instructer, a friend, or that creepy asian guy down the road, get in a car and suss it out and see if it's still for you. The more people you know in the sport the easier it's going to be. Try to go to a few events and familarize yourself with the sport. Keep on researching and keep on networking. After you've sussed out a few cars, wrapped your head around the whole going sideways thing, sorted out a nice regular source of income/parts and have decided that you're still 100% devoted to the sport, I would consider possibly dropping around $3-5k on a reliable entry level track car. I would stongly advise AGAINST dropping $10-20k on a s15 to be used as a drift car. You will hit things. You will break things. That's how you learn. You wont learn however if you're too concerned with upping it and breaking something on your flash new car because dont have the pennies to replace it. Just my 0.02
  12. sr20de without the t

    Sounds like car maybe running rich from overfueling?
  13. Lol well to be the little ray of sunshine in this otherwise dark and cloudy thread; you're still getting a free car. (I sure hope you didn't pay anything) Even if the car isn't close to running, i would be still be cheering. Part it out! Pull it to pieces! haha Destrroooyyyy her! But seriously, the car will end up costing you at least several grand just to get her running by the sounds of it. BUT, if you sell the car in pieces you'll hopefully fetch yourself at least a K or two. Use that money and a couple grand you put away in the meantime, and you'll pick a nicely modded s13/180sx, someones 80% finished project I mean people will $100 a piece for headlights, a couple hundred a piece for doors etc etc... You'll clean up. That, or keep the parts to swap out when you put your baby into a concrete barrier haha
  14. I've always found NULON to be a very reputable brand and quite easy to come by, supplied at super cheap auto, Auto Barn and Repco etc. They offer a 'lube guide' on the website. Just type in sr20det and you'll find all your fluid requirements.. This can be found here: http://www.datateck....Aus/Default.asp
  15. speedo not working

    Definately loose wiring at the back of the cluster/The cluster itself. Same problem with my s13 Ca18de silvia, swapped out cluster fixed the problem. Speedo in my 180sx sr20det worked fine, got master and slave swapped, now it only works now and then, rest of the time sits at 0km/h.... All other gauges such as revs, fuel, engine temp etc work fine regardless....