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  1. Halloween when you were a kid

    .....um its not american
  2. Summer/Winter School

    Enrolment is just about to open for summer/winter school, and I was wondering if anyone here has done a 3rd year elective over the breaks, and what they did and what they found easiest. At the moment im doing architecture, but want to go into construction management so I was leaning towards a management elective. Has anyone done one of these? Any recommendations?
  3. luxury watches

    repgeek.com i just ordered a 36rs ti2 from trevorstime (seller) on there
  4. What is that song?

    song found thanks
  5. Got Modern Warfare 2 For PC?

    lachyI lvl 56 or so
  6. Modern Warfare 2 Prestige edition.

    Just read the first 10 or so pages on Google about MW2 not incorporating Dedicated Servers for MW2 for PC meaning that when u play online u go through IW.net and u cant actually make a server and have randoms joining it will match you to people that are at your skill level U can host a private game - have to give out ur address or invite people to join so this is looking like it could ruin the 'clan 'aspect of MW2 100,000 signatures and counting sign it http://www.petitiononline.com/dedis4mw/petition.html
  7. Anyone play Basketball?

    im an ex state player and 6ft 5 keen to get back into it
  8. The GTR/GTR 2/GTR Evolution Thread

    what about a GTR2 drift game? Would be pretty nice having some r32's and salens and ferrari's sliding around Barcelona (perfect track for it) Im always keen Drift mod for GTR2 is located on the nogripracing.com website for anyone that doesnt know
  9. *** pics of the day ***

    doesnt matter. The photo is from Russia. The event the photo was taken of occurred in Russia. Another photo, notice the location, Leningrad - Russia. http://www.airliners.net/photo/MChS-Rossii...a47e62020587772 *snap* 'But its .ir my mate was there, he SEEN IT MAN' AAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! *breathe* *breathe again* AAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA!!!! :lol: :lol: Yeh sure, and KIDdynamite really got laid
  10. The GTR/GTR 2/GTR Evolution Thread

    yep im on i play race 07, gtr evo, stcc keen for a ns race sometime
  11. Juciness coming just around the corner.

    just bought a 4890 aswell today great card!
  12. Ways to Recover Debts

    stewie option would be nice but really want to go legal option im willing to take this as high as it needs to go lost all faith in humanity after this, so many low life douche bags around ill name him tomorrow if he doesnt come forward to contact me he hasnt picked up my calls (i shouldnt have to get in contact with him at all, its not my duty to, he has my bank details. ive called him at least 40 times in the last week and countless messages)
  13. Ways to Recover Debts

    dont worry, i wont be giving up this has been going on since jan of 08, so its a while now they will sell off his assets if he doesnt pay after this notice that I have filed (today) so hopefully will get it all in the end
  14. Ways to Recover Debts

    im just going by what the judge said, is that if he misses 2 payments he will go to jail he has had three weeks to pay me douche bag