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  1. S14 stuck on 160kw

    Did he mention why, as if he has half a brain he will be able to say, as in is it pinging that's limiting it,or is he putting timing in and it's not increasing power even though it's not pinging. As asked above what sort of afrs is he getting? What boost is he running?
  2. S13 to S15 Dash Tech Video

    No need to remove door trims for dash install
  3. Well it wasn't just me that tested a ryobi.after a months use in the shop looking promising my 2 co workers got them too.as stated mine failed after around 6 months. Both my co workers failed too in under a year.the brushes had burned out in all cases
  4. DIY Head unit install help

    Nope, everyone's either running stock head units or nothing at all.
  5. The small milwauke is only like 300ish nm the bigger one is what I have and doesnt struggle with gtr balancer bolts and we undo truck wheel nuts with em easy enough. Snap on these days have seriously dropped in quality yet if anything increased in price so only fanboys use em. They try to worm out of warranties now to. Although I admit I do love there flex head ratchets
  6. Used snap on and there ok, own a Milwaukee and it's awesome. Get the big batteries for em though. Heaps cheaper than snapon yet work better. The ryobi bunnings one I have also owned. Works decent for wheel nuts when used occasionaly yet when used regularly in a shop for 6 months it died.
  7. Not in nsw it's not, Can be put into any s13 shell and be registered with just a blueslip. The older engine newer shell stuff is more for engineer certified mods and even then it's an emissions standpoint. All your doing putting a CA into a s13 is changing it to a different trim level
  8. But is it legal to do so and is how hard is the transition? You cant drive any of the turbo JDM silvias in NSW anyway. they are not permitted. Hardly see how a CA swap (engineered or not) is going to bypass that. Just had a look and the ca18det 180 is p plate legal in nsw, and you need a blueslip for update of details the swap the engine. Not an engineers report Yet any performance modification is illegal for p plate regardless of it needs engineering
  9. 180sx sr20 yellow jacket igniter!

    a very good mate of mine uses one in his s14 at close to 350 rwkw, yet not with stock coils. I used one in my 180sx rb25 with the stock coils yet it was only running about 200rwkw and i swaped to ls coils with built in ignitiors as my stock coils were crap. yet there literially just a transistor, not an overly complex thing, the yellow jacket ones seem fine from my experience
  10. Aeroflow Fuel Rail install

    .......cut part of a $100 injector off with sidecutters so u dont need to buy $5 collar.....WTF, even the muppets highflowing injectors wouldnt touch em with sidecutters
  11. S15 engine rattle at 2500rpm?

    doesnt sound like big ends to me.
  12. As Johnny asked do u have a wideband? If you do set the scaling correctly then use a few load points to check afr and it will show if lag time is correct, if lower rpm load points are off from the afr to the leaner side latency is to small and if richer then to low
  13. Already at another event that day, though it would be a good excuse to dust off my civic and show up a few of you s chasis noobs
  14. Already cruising elsewhere that day