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  1. Daily driving on E85?!

    Just get a Deatschworks 300lph they are around $160 now and are known to work well with e85. You need to wire it direct to the battery through a relay and fuse if you haven't done it already. You don't want to get on the dyno and find you don't have enough fuel flow...
  2. New T28 framed Garrett GTX-R turbos

    Wouldn't be so sure on that. First thing is that the compressor should be able to hit nearly off the map with 98 RON anyway. For the GTX2867R, it can only flow 46 lbs/min = 460hp at the engine. You'll probably hit like 280 rwkw on e85 most possibly with an 0.86 A/R due to the amount of gasses that E85 emits. This is all by a somewhat educated guess. Split pulse / twin scroll for such a small turbo wouldn't be a massive gain for response but there may be some. I asked horsepowerinabox and they never heard of a split pulse for the new GTX 28xx series.I think it was more for show than anything else. If you really want a good rear housing just get a TiAL 0.60 housing with a 38mm wastegate but you'll need adapters for the v-band connectors. Alternatively just use the Garrett housing or wait for the next scavenge of Borg Warner EFR turbos. I already run a GTX3071 with the Tial 1.06 rear, spools nicely to 23psi by 4k on my VQ25det making 335kw so far. Definitely better to go with the next larger housing with the GTX compressors that way you don't strangle the flow.
  3. New T28 framed Garrett GTX-R turbos

    I want to know about that red split pulse Vband housing, I could make a mad manifold with that and a GTX2867r, it would spool like a stock turbo and provide over 300kw on e85. I emailed Garrett with no answer, ATP in the US told me the housing was to be released in early summer... Hopefully they will make them for GT30 and 35's too.
  4. Daily driving on E85?!

    I had a similar fault, the controller solenoid stopped opening and the car ran over 3 bar for a few days. At least on 98 I would have heard it ping but exhaust temps barely rose on the Eflex...
  5. Daily driving on E85?!

    I have been running e85 for nearly 3 years now in my daily so I have a little insight into e85. I was using Siemens 610's and now Bosch 1000's (ID1000's) without issue. I have no doubt the above information is correct but where is the suggested water coming from? Most modern car fuel tanks are sealed well, the service stations must use special tank liners to stop any leakage and ingress of water. I just don't see where large amounts of water can get absorbed. As for the dreaded ethanol variations, the afr's barely change between e70 (caltex) and e80 (United) It seems to make around 1afr difference on my wideband (petrol afr's). Many would lead you to believe this is going to melt your pistons but the extra volume of fuel spraying in helps to cool them, that and all tuners will run the tune rich under boost to compensate for any variation. Tuning for anything between 11.0 and 12.5afr seems to be fine for my car on boost and gives me enough overhead for variation, even as low as 9:1 will ignite fine without fouling the plugs. I have run 3 bar on a few occasions with no det and even tuned the cruise for 18-20:1 to see how lean I can run without damage, the oil temps went up 10 degrees but the pistons didn't melt. As for timing, from what I have learned the fuel does the talking, just tune for maximum best torque and there will still be plenty of safety margin. I like the Caltex fuel personally as it's 10c cheaper a litre and gets me further to a tank. I can still fill at United, I just put ~5L of 98 in also. I always recommend people run a wideband sensor in any case. Happy to answer any questions on the topic.
  6. Kinugawa turbo's (kando) comparison.

    Go the 3.5 inch Aaron, 3 inch off the turbo and 2 inch external plumbed into the 3.5. You could use 3 inch if venting the gate but not plumbed back. I gained 35kw with the same upgrade. It may be easier to mod the manifold than weld a gate to the housing. Personally I would be going for the compact vband 40mm gates and hide it underneath.