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  1. Need some help over permit and number plates. To get a permit to drive a unreg vehicle do I just go through service SA? And if it ls unreg can I get new reg with new set of plates? It's got some plates on it now but really dislike them. Just curious to see if anyone else has done it here ?
  2. All Japan Day

    Awesome day! SA has some good talent! one thing i liked that there wasn't 70% hondas like there would be in Melbourne haha, tons fo datsuns and rx3/4's though, some really tidy cars out today.
  3. Ahk, sweet. We'll see how things go. Thanks for the help
  4. Emissions test is just the db from exhaust yea?
  5. Quick question about getting engine swaps engineered: If there was a rb25 within a r32, rb25 box and gtr brakes, would be easy for it to get engineered as a 2.5litre from 2litre? Only asking as I'm interested in buy a 32 with a 25 but it's still registered as a 2litre
  6. All Japan Day

    If you see a blue s13 with VIC plates, please try take a photo of possible. Still yet to get a decent photo from a meet haha
  7. All Japan Day

    Sounds like a great event! pretty keen now, hopefully see some of you guys out there.
  8. All Japan Day

    there was one last year in SA, with minimal pics I find it looked good, as you said it had some unique cars
  9. All Japan Day

    Hey guys, Has anyone been to the past events? Me and a friend are keen to go but just want to hear other peoples opinions. Also anyone on here going there as well?
  10. What does SA have to offer?

    also wanted to find out the exact address of tailem bend? so far from google I just gathered this : Tailem Bend Motorsport Park Cnr of Dukes & Mallee Highways Tailem Bend 5260 any confirmation?
  11. What does SA have to offer?

    Yea I am haha and sweet good to know, thanks.
  12. What does SA have to offer?

    Will be doing my first track in SA this sunday at tailem, just curious to see if I need a track license? something like an AASA, just realised mine expired few days ago...

    A nice simple and clean grey s15 turning into mt barker road, had a hardtuned sticker so guessing its someone from here, I was in my mates white xr6 next to you.
  14. 180sx / s13 meet up and cruise

    Will make an attempt to attend!
  15. What does SA have to offer?

    Just wondering, from experience who is the best to go with to get my wheels posted here from Melbourne? If anyone can give some recommendations it'd be good!