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  1. Weren't playing need for speed were you? No... Ok the colour change wasn't quite that dramatic but it was an awesome chameleon job still.
  2. Skyline. R34 I think, orange... No red... Wait now it's purple... Chameleon?! Diagonal rd over the tracks. That anyone here? Sexy, SEXY paint job!! I want you cars skin
  3. Advice on first DSLR

    I have a Nikon D5100. I love it. Used it on Sunday at Tailem Bend actually. Standard VR lens came with it, also have a 70-300 zoom sigma. Used the zoom almost exclusively when you don't want to get close to cars on the good angles hahaha. Love it.
  4. I'll be disappointed if I didn't get a few. Anyway, gallery updated. Another hundred (give or take) images uploaded. Check em out! http://www.nissansil...lery&album=2655 EDIT: If you are not in there much yet, don't worry. I have a feeling I'm only half way there. Or not even.
  5. Couple of photos from today. I have another 1,800 or so to sort through. Hoo-rah! -snip. http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/index.php?app=gallery&album=2655 - Many, many more to come. When they do, I'll upload them all on facebook, and my gallery here. Thanks for the awesome day, guys
  6. Benty sez hi

    Other alias I go by is Shady. Heya, I signed up a while ago when I was looking for a new car, just got around to actually posting today, after the Tailem Bend meet. Snapped a couple shots there, currently sorting through... 1,800 photos.. More or less. Already deleted a hundred or so? Haha. Anyway, I drive a WRX, please don't throw any stones Not going to say I'll do it yet, but would love a track car for the future. Moneyz... Anyway, I'm residing in SA, until I can afford a track car, I'll have to just watch all you guys wishfully on the sidelines. Haha.