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  1. I Need More TV !

    death valley
  2. The Onion Movie

    give the kentucky fried chicken movie a look its an earlier version of this movie and do a brilliant take of bruce lee's enter the dragon
  3. Recommend a MOVIE thread

    yeah that movie is a classic never warn people about the movie
  4. favourite/most memorable gigs

    David Gilmore of pinkfloyd fame
  5. Recommend a MOVIE thread

    Apocalypse Now
  6. Dubstep

    yes but get some n-type and s7ven cranking and that will rattle a stereo beyond belief
  7. Dubstep

    sweet grabbing more stuff of the artists suggested always up for some new stuff
  8. Dope movies i need to see?

    the salton sea equilibrium
  9. Dragonball Evolution

    happy i did a torrent job on this as i switched off halfway through it was that bad
  10. Dubstep

    yeah love the bass line this stuff gives cant get enough of it
  11. using an old style TV as a monitor?

    can be done fairly easily drop me an email jez with the specs and i will look into it for you
  12. IP MAN

    this is the third version i have seen of this story and by far the best those fight scenes are brilliant and it just dosent focus on this fights but goes into his life story as well. which improved on the other two which where done by bruce lee and and jet lee
  13. Easy listening

    give god is an astronaut a try very similar to explosions and if you can find some mixes of 40 winks also dj shadow and gilles petterson for some chilled laid back funk
  14. Easy listening

    rabbit in the headlights by unkle and anything by explosions in the sky
  15. 500gb External HD with PS3

    yeah can do it no problem but you have to name the files the same as on the ps3 eg movies, audio where with a 360 you can name them what ever you want and it will recognize them