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  1. how to unlock a topic

    yeah figured that pretty shit website then
  2. ok so now i cant reply in the forum says topic locked or i have to wait till 5posts are approved till i can comment again
  3. SEX DR 200sx

    thanks for that bling is that ur real pic of some photo u stole of the net posing as a hot chick haha n it may be old but still kicks lets see ur car n how do u kno its not on the road?
  4. SEX DR 200sx

    Thats debatable nice car man were u get the spray job done they kinda missed a bit n ur rims look a little outdated but thanks for the feedback =]
  5. SEX DR 200sx

    so wats all this crap about 'Trolling or Trolls' im not a computer nerd so enlighten me n the pics about the goats wats that supposed to mean in the urban dictionary it means: and unlike id say the majority of u i have a "showcar" in my garage and not a computer so to everyone who posted a negative comment please post a pic of ur car on this forum then we will see compare everyone has different opinions n thats fine but dont be hating when u dont have anythin to show n cheers i will be posting a pic on here to "prove" its my car as u all seem to think im making this up so continue with ur shit talk n jealous comments because ill be waitin to see ur rides if u have any lol =] Tucking back your balls and dick, then bending over thus resembling the back of a goat...according to the rules of the game, the person who looks gets 4 kicks in the ass. For more info. on the game, watch the movie "Waiting...". The unexpecting person looked behind him to discover his friend posing the goat.
  6. how do u reply in topic forums

    well its locked for me hence why i cant reply
  7. how do u reply in topic forums

    nope still nothing and the topic is locked n weres the more reply option p.s powertune lest see ur car
  8. how do u reply in topic forums

    yeah this whole reply box doesnt come up in the first post i made has it got something to do with the topic being locked?
  9. i just got this today and dont know how to reply to the topic i started
  10. SEX DR 200sx

    ok found this forum and seen a lot of negative comments and shit talkers about my car id love to see wat ur all driving and NO i dont do all the work myself i do have 'wads of cash' i am not a mechanic not a spray painter not a panel beater or anything associated with cars however i do have good taste im not a 'wog' n u can all keep talkin trash cos at the end of the day none of u would have anything compared to the 'sex dr'....