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    White 180SX driving down phillip hwy everyday around 3:30-4:00pm.
  2. Hi guys, Anyone got an AFM I can borrow? Car occasionally goes into limp mode if I idle too long and suspect AFM. Cheers, Josh
  3. Hardtuned Cruise 26/10/13

    Have you had many f**kwit drivers on previous cruises? Considering jumping onboard but can't really be bothered with any police/unwanted attention.
  4. SpotMan's Clown Car & Jzx90 daily

    Think you might be the dude that served me when I brought spark plugs (coppers, which I had to gap myself)/oil filter/oil filter claw last friday at around 5pm lol
  5. Strange running issue - 180SX - SR20DET

    Thanks for the replies guys. I've already cleaned the AFM and it looked pretty good anyway, but still worth trying to replace it and seeing if that works. I just think it's wierd that it only happens if I leave it idling for a while. Might try the TPS as well. Thanks.
  6. SpotMan's Clown Car & Jzx90 daily

    Spent the last hour reading this thread.. Only covered 10 or so pages haha. Do you still work at Repco Port Adelaide? Lol
  7. 180sx wiper problem

    Also consider checking the voltage supply TO the motor to make sure you're getting enough power to the motor and it's not a problem in your circuit.
  8. Strange running issue - 180SX - SR20DET

    Can you check them with a multimeter?
  9. Hi guys, Ever since I've had my 1995 180SX Blacktop SR20DET, I've had an issue with it. If I let the car idle in neutral for 3+ minutes and begin to drive off, the car will rev to approximately 2K and then immediately start aggressively choking and "spluttering" (kinda sounds like it's hit the limiter) and the revs will not increase until I shift into second, in which case it will get to 2K and the same will happen, until I shift again into 3rd and everything will start to operate normally again. I also think maybe my car isn't running as good as it should be. Sometimes it feels a little sluggish while I'm driving (takes a while to build speed, increase revs) especially at low RPM, other times it doesn't feel too bad. I've replaced: The fuel pump O2 Sensor Spark plugs Air filter w/ pod filter No major mods to the car... intercooler and piping is the only notable mod. I reckon it's ECU/timing related but I couldn't find the plug in the driver side kick panel or under the dash or anything. Any ideas?

    You sure it wasn't a pearl white 180SX? With terrible rims? I drive past there everyday at around that time. Yep that's me. I fixed the front bar on the weekend haha
  11. 180sx / s13 meet up and cruise

    I'd prolly be down for a cruise or a gentle hills run? I'm from the northern suburbs (but I'm not a derro, and I have all my teeth )
  12. Hi guys, Please take the time to check out my vocal cover of a song I've recently been really into. I am in no way an experienced singer/vocalist (mainly an acoustic guitarist, but I've been singing on and off for a few months now), but since I purchased a microphone and I want to get into studio recording, I thought I would kick off with a simple YouTube cover. After a lot of attempts I've finally got a result I'm reasonably happy with. At the beginning of the video my pitch is pretty terrible but it improves a bit later on. Recording Effects: Reverb (which is an echo-like effect) and compression (controls the dynamics of the mix). No pitch correction used. Recording Gear: Shure KSM27, Focusrite Saffire 6 USB Mixer
  13. Price : $60 Condition : New Selling a BRAND NEW, unused oxygen sensor to fit Nissan engines such as the SR20DET. NTK P/N OZA395-E2 RRP: $80 Approx. Thread size: 18mm Selling it as it did not fit my aftermarket exhaust system after I purchased it. Pretty firm on price but I might lower a little bit. Thanks, Josh
  14. 180SX/SR20DET Fuel/ECU Issue?

    Aftermarket (Walbro) fuel pump did not solve the issue.
  15. 180SX/SR20DET Fuel/ECU Issue?

    Thanks bud, I'll give it a suss.