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  1. Honda powered Silvia... Featured in ZOOM Magazine

    thanx cuttz... always easier to paint wen its out... for us,it was easy as it was all running b4 and we knew wat we keeping and wat we deleting
  2. Honda powered Silvia... Featured in ZOOM Magazine

    its getting wired up as we speak, once that's done, interior and cage goes in fuel system then front end..... the Nissan boys love it
  3. Honda powered Silvia... Featured in ZOOM Magazine

    day time pic of engine in and some lines being made up
  4. Honda powered Silvia... Featured in ZOOM Magazine

    okay boys n girls... time for some pics and a update..... just to get the ball rolling.... so after the pics of the head being ported, we received these piks within a couple of days of eachother, this was about 1week b4 xmas, and boy was it looking to b a awesome present for my brother... then it was bring it home time, with all the parts that had been collated over the years the engine was at the shop being built, it was piece it together time... this has taken its time, as its pretty much a fresh build this time around, almost nothing is being used again except for the exhaust manifold...lol ill stop talking and just put some pics up in order of how its gone together... in she goes... ill take some more pics and try keep this upto date as best as possible...
  5. new Honda member's Project ek1 cxi

    massive update for u guys.... after Jamboree MELB, OCTOBER 24th 2015 I received in the mail a package from a unknow source, had no parts on there way for the car or the family... to my surprise..... TOP Qualifier of 2015 MELB jamboree STREET COMPACT class I then decided safety had to become NO1 priority with our second daughter born on Nov 13th 2015, I wasn't keen on going any faster than my accident 10.76 without the right gear (even though track officials wouldn't let me either) so I did some research, had a roll cage and some other goodies priced up here, and I just was NOT happy with wat I was getting for my $$$$$ so I held off, looked offshore... and BINGO JASON WHITFIELD FROM WHITFIELD FAB IN USA comes up with the goods 10PT weld in cage to suit ek hatch, bent rear legs to suit full interior, all pre notched and ready for welding.... NHRA regulations allows this cage to run as fast as 8.50 ANDRA regulations arnt as strict, so this cage shuld b good for 8.0 (wont ever get there)...lol then I noticed a mate selling his race seat, brand new, never used, he bought the wrong size...(more like he put on a few KGS and didn't fit any longer...) I also had some issues with the fuel system I had gone with, the twin pump hanger I believed didn't suit my needs, plus the stock tank didn't allow me to swap out/drain my fuels as per street/race duties permited so I found and went with FCS in USA, fits under car in oem position, has a fuel level sender that works on my factory cluster, uses oem filler neck, wat more could I ask for??? 19L, plenty for the street and decided to add our logo/name to it last but not least, found a really cheap carbon bonnet I couldn't let go, picked it up, dropped it as my panel beater for re-clearing and test fit, for a cheap n nasty no name, its good that's all for now, hoping to have the cage fitted in MAY 2016 and moving forward making the fuel system changes and off to the track again
  6. new Honda member's Project ek1 cxi

    so after the drive shaft miss-hap on the Friday night b4 Jamboree and the half assed 10.76 @ 131mph run, i knew i had to turn it down to compete in my class (Street Compact) and keep it in the 11's i turned the boost down to about 16psi & thought will see how we go... first run sat morning of Jamboree ran 11.12 @ 124mph and a 60ft of 1.81 as it bogged pretty hard second run of jamboree ran 11.10 @ 125mph and it spun pretty nicely off the line but managed a 60ft of 1.73 by this stage I was pretty happy and consistently backing off 1 foam box b4 the finish line... for my last qualifying run I thought I might actually limit my shift rpm to 8000rpm and see wat it does... third qualifying run I managed to get off the line pretty mint with a little wheel spin, did a 60ft of 1.69 and ran 10.995 @ 123mph I was sooo happy as I still shut it off at 8000rpm in 4th which was about 25meters b4 the line... I qualified first in my class and was stoked to be pretty consistent for the elimination rounds... 10.995 run - HAPPY VIEWING unfortunately in my elimination round 1, I broke the drivers side CV and ended my day, but all in all, 2 days racing, 2 very easy 10 second passes, couldn't b happier.....
  7. new Honda member's Project ek1 cxi

    thanx guys, sorri I cant seem to quote and reply
  8. new Honda member's Project ek1 cxi

    okay Peoples.......... MASSIVE update since the last trip to the drags.... after much discussion with my tuner and brother about how the car ran on October 9th, we decided no1 was happy and that if I was to race a Jamboree in Melb on Oct 24th we need to fix the car asap... so we booked the car in for some dyno time... we bumped up the boost to 20PSI, added race fuel (ELF Purfo 105) and came away with a very angry, happy and responsive 408kw @ 9200rpm... video of 390kw power run @ 8800rpm [/url] then I really wanted to test run the car at the drags b4 Saturdays Jamboree as I WASNT allowed to run into the 10's and with the new figures and drivability I was certain a 10sec 1/4mile pass was gonna b very achievable... so Friday 23rd October, calder park had a FAST FRIDAY test meet ... we roll the car off the trailer, triple check everything, make some adjustments to the launch control from the usual bp98 map and head out nice and early for a quick shake down... the car leaves the line really hard but with heaps of wheelspin (not the usual bog and catch-up I been used too) I shift into 2nd b4 the shift light (9000rpm) I then shift into 3rd again b4 the shift light accidently and again into 4th b4 the shift light, b4 I realise im going way too fast, I put the clutch in and roll it thru the beam at the end of the track, I look up at the time boards and im like WTF... 10.76 @ 131MPH as I slowed down I noticed I had lost all drive and thought I smashed a box, thankfully for some reason the drivers side shaft decided to pop out of the gearbox and make a mess... we towed the car bak to the pits where we had to slap each other out to realise wat had happened was real... I check the time slip and see a 60ft of 1.62, I couldn't believe at had just happened
  9. new Honda member's Project ek1 cxi

    review on coilovers... f**k YES... ill compare with wat I had... bc br I bought brand new, had them re-valved to suit my spring rates 10kgs front 12kgs rear fronts are always half way on damper and rear full stiff for drags full soft for street the rear a real ball\back breaker even on full soft...but they did the job now the HAKON gear 10kgs fronts & half wat damper setting 14kgs on rears and also same damper settings as bc for the 2 different driving styles on the street, f**king amazing, the rebound rate is SOOOO good, u would not think I had 14kg springs in there at all, and im not pissing in any1's pocket, I mean amazing I wind up the rear dampers to full stiff, and f**k me did they help, car left the line dead straight and f**k all squat if any at all... managed a PB 60ft of 1.82 didn't do too well on ET and MPH, but that's another issue... video to come
  10. new Honda member's Project ek1 cxi

    Woooo... Been a while since updated... Had the car retuned on bp98 with new fuel pumps and massive injectors Really wanted to turn the boost down for the street, but since i had the cat removed, it actually picked up 1.2or so psi and now sits around 16psi We dont turn the engine as hard anymore... Infact 700rpm less and it suprisingly showed 305kw at 8000rpm... Decided it was time to put the ek on a diet... This carbon bonnet turned up cheap off a mate, so i had it re-cleared... Then i impulse bought these 15mm wider than stock J's Racing fenders... I decided i needed a rollcage for my own safety & not wait for track rules n regs to tell me wat i need and wen i need... And now im making some pretty cool suspension changes Dc2r subframe and rack (sorri bout the bad pic) Dc2r lca's with fresh superpro bushes & a set of HAKON coils from my good mates newly designed and developed product... I up'd the rear spring rates to 14kgs from my previous 12kgs... & ill b adding traction bars at alignment stage These changes have come about fast and unplanned... Just sorta happened and excitinly enuf JAMBOREE has booked and is coming to MELB... so if u decide to go n check it out at CALDER PARK RACEWAY on 24th OCTOBER, do come and say hi... But b4 JAMBOREE MELB, Im hoping to do some testing at CALDER PARK on Friday 9th October...
  11. new Honda member's Project ek1 cxi

    hey all, smallish update, managed to get the FBM twin pumper hanger all in, plumbed and wired up last week and looks OEM took it for a quick drive to the servo for some fresh fuel and adjusted fuel pressure due to more volume now... and the following night I swapped out my id1000cc injectors for the new id2000cc injectors... now awaiting tune date...
  12. Honda powered Silvia... Featured in ZOOM Magazine

    ok boys n girls... its been a very slow year.... we almost half way and was supposed to have debuted the car at winton last weekend as planned, but hey, shit happens... on other news.... the engine has been balanced, machined and dummy assembled... needed a new harmonic balancer, so we ordered ATI super damper from our great friend Fernandez at OSTARMOTORSPORT.com in USA and then we get this pic sent to us buy engine builder/tuner at 10:30pm the exhaust ports getting opened up and this is something people have been waiting to see..
  13. Honda powered Silvia... Featured in ZOOM Magazine

    obd1kanobi engine mounts are basic and we have a few spare sets for sale adapter plate is a lil more involved
  14. new Honda member's Project ek1 cxi

    not much of un update yet... but this is wat the ek's new fuel system is starting to look like...
  15. new Honda member's Project ek1 cxi

    ok bois n girls I managed to head back to Heathcote Park Raceway on Sunday April 26th was a gloomy cold n wet day in Melbourne, but we soldiered on, once we passed wallam, the skys became blue, the sun was peeking thru and it was to b a fine day of racing no real changes to the car since Sydney's 11.88 pass just a lil more rpm on the launch and a shit load better driving (seat time is key) first run out broke passenger drive shaft on the start line second run out ran 12.3 @125mph with a 1.88 60ft and a miss shift into 2nd third run broke the drivers side drive shaft in the burnout fourth run PB 11.80 @127mph 1.91 60ft fifth run 11.78 @129mph 1.97 60ft sixth run 11.69 @127mph 1.97 60ft seventh run 11.70 @ 126mph 1.87 60ft eighth and last run 11.69 @127mph 1.88 60ft I think the car has a little more in it as it was still bogging off the line with 6500rpm launch control here are some pics of the day tyres nice n flat 9.5psi cold crappy video from my bros fone will b uploaded soon, (so far we have lost the sd card with all the footage ) also had my cousin bring his VL up for a couple of runs he managed a best of 11.68 @ 118mph (dnt remember his 60ft) gate flame pic and with everything still in tune for another days racing, happy to pack up n head home with TWO 11's street cars