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  1. QLD S-Chassis Laptime Leaderboard

    Updated times. Digging up this old girl people need to update this sucker! Get on it
  2. QLD S-Chassis Laptime Leaderboard

    argh! needs to gets me some new kicks and have another crack! sub 60 come at me!
  3. how much for xxr531 chromium black machined lip 2x 18x8.5 +35 and 2x 18x9.5 +35 5x114.3 PCD delivered to brisbane 4006 Cheers mate
  4. Make : NISSAN SKYLINE Transmission : Manual Kilometres : 0 Price : $20,000 Condition : Used 1989 Nissan Skyline HR31 GTSX Track Car Chassis Mods: HR31 shell lightened and FIA approved 6 point rollcage fitted All wiring and dash removed, battery relocated to rear cabin Custom Dash, Tacho, Mechanical oil pressure, water temp and boost gauges. Water level light, oil pressure light set at 50psi Rear Suspension: 17x9 Mags + 25 offset fitted with Khumo Slicks S14 suspension cradle non hicas welded into chassis, using S14 rear 5 stud hubs R33 diff centre, drive shafts, 4.1:1 LSD shimmed for track K-Sport coil overs S13-8kg springs using modified strut towers Camber and Toe adjuster bars, sway bar removed R33 Slotted Rotor BDA and R33 twin pot calipers Front Suspension: 17 x9 Mags +25 offset fitted with Khumo Slicks S13 Knuckles, steering arms and tie rods S13 4 x stud hubs and S13 balljoints P/No 4852035125 R33 Slotted Rotors BDA and R33 four pot calipers Whiteline 30mm swaybar, castor adjuster bars K-Sport coil overs S13-10kg springs using modified strut top mounts, shortened strut brace Driveline: Lightened steelflywheelwith 300zx H/duty single plate clutch RB 25 gearbox, single piece H/duty tailshaft with tailshaft loop, all hicas removed Motor: RB30 block and crank, oil restrictor fitted Spool conrods forged. Lewis pistons forged. ACL race bearings N1 oil pump L5010-24v01, Jun crank collar fitted Balanced internals, flywheel and clutch Baffled winged sump, oilcooler, Catch can R33 GTST series 1 RB25 head fitted with Camtech cams 262 degrees, 9.5mm lift Rollmaster cam degree wheels inlet and exhaust Superspark coil packs, heavier valve springs Standard cast exhaust manifold, custom 3" side exhaust Garrett 3076Rwg 1.O6A internal wastegate turbo Standard lnlet manifold, 63mm std throttle body, Plazmaman Plenum Siemens 750cc top feed low impedance injectors, larger fuel rail, 8mm fuel lines Turbo Smart fuel regulator and BOV, E boost controller Twin fuel pumps, Bosch 044, Holley low pressure, surge pot and fuelcell 600x300 lntercooler, 3" custom alloy crossflow radiator, thermofan Wolf V500 ECU, Custom wiring by Kev Rolley. 100mm K&N pod filter Power: 344 RWKW @ 5900rpm set on 15psi boost,910nm torque Weight: 1170kg (no fuel, no driver) Distribution: 56.6% Front, 43.4% rear