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  1. Mats13's S13 Build :)

    Fair enough lol. Over this thread thing already haha
  2. Mats13's S13 Build :)

    Lol, i had it up for $10000 for shits and giggs, if i got a decent offer i would take it, how would you know its been in an accident???
  3. Mats13's S13 Build :)

    Haven't been on in a while, but car is going in to get a 73xxx km old S15 engine put in, it's not autech but ECU is getting remapped and it's a pretty good price for what i'm getting. Will post pics up when it is all done. Was going to paint engine bay orange but i'm not taking the engine out myself anymore Also, has anybody used an oil cooler/relocation kit on a NA s13? I mainly want it for the relocation kit. Also, whats a good brand of radiators for an NA s13? Cheers.
  4. Mats13's S13 Build :)

    There's one in Sydney for $3000, way to much for what it comes with. Cheers anyways. Too wet and hot today to do anything, hate not having a shed. Lol Waiting on my roof spoiler to get here and will put it on and give the car a clean. Don't want to spend any money on it until i've got an engine in.
  5. Mats13's S13 Build :)

    Nah dude, i had an add on facebook pages and some guy messaged me, hes planning on putting it in his ae86 but he said i could buy it if i wanted too. Pretty tempting as there's not many around. 1 tiny update for today, had to work 10-6. But ordered a drift button for my HB. Got tomorrow off so will some stuff, MORE LOW.
  6. Mats13's S13 Build :)

    Cheers. Front bar is good except for zip tied crack in the midldle. I plan on putting the 18s on the front and painting the stockies blue for the rear. Lol will get looks haha. I've found an autech engine, loom and ecu for $2500, bit pricey though.
  7. Mats13's S13 Build :)

    Small update: Got roof spoiler on the way. Bought some paint and shit today to paint my 18s Im going to try not spend money on car until i've got an engine.
  8. Mats13's S13 Build :)

    Ill try using photobucket now. Did that work???? Todays work: Removed digustingly ugly whale tail spoiler (for sale if anyone wants to buy it.) Bought some rubber grommet things for spoiler holes from supercheap $10. Bought some primer, paint an clear coat paint for rims. Put in coilovers, front and back, Haven't properly adjusted them yet, backs are a bit uneven, fronts are even. And yeah, that's all for today.
  9. Mats13's S13 Build :)

    EDIT: If anyone has or knows someone with an AUTECH Engine for sale, please contact me. My engine is on its way out and need replacement. Soooo my name's Mat, and this is my 92 S13 Silvia build. Plan for car is to be a daily slider and maybe take it to the track once got better engine. Car was pretty much stock as a rock except for the gay chromies and a strut brace. Its manual and has a SR20DE na engine. (I'm on my P's in NSW). Bought the car earlier this year and just driven as a daily. Plans: Swap engine out for a AUTECH SR20DE out of S15 as the current engine has heavy ticking noise and 215xxx kms on it. Get a nice sounding for exhaust system. (unsure of brand yet) Get comfortable and nice looking steering wheel. (unsure of brand, maybe nardi or momo) Get a set of bride seats. (unsure of type yet) New set of rims, have set of 18x7.5s now but not wide enough, running stockies though. (leening towards something in 15 or 16x8 or 9 with some dish) Roof spoiler. Maybe s14 rear wing. Already got bc sports coilovers. Front and rear cusco strut braces. Adjustable camber arms, front and rear. R200 LSD Some new sway bars. Remove whale tail wing. Tidy up front end. (think it may have been in a small accident). Tidy up interior abit, door trims etc, has perfect dash though. That's all i can think of for now will try update daily I put a pic up from the first day i bought it home. If it worked. ENJOY
  10. S13 Learner

    Mad build dude, i own a na s13 too being on P's, still got 2 years on my greens. What diff you running now? Im in need of LSD if anyone has one, im thinking the R200 4.08, or YOLO and weld it. Lol