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  1. So not much discussing with this conversion on here from what I can see? Its a very common thing.. I'm currently undertaking this conversion. Just imported a B18C DC2 from Japan stock nothing modified all for my playing needs.. has anyone here done the conversion how did they find it? I love the topic on the DC2 OR DC5 .. lets see the DC5 compete next to the DC2 in a different shell.
  2. Honda Member

    Just joined up again, I now own a 92 Civic with B18C DC2 conversion, still in project stage's wait.. I still miss the JDM S15 Äutech. So yes.. I have had one and will most probably end up with one again. Interested to see what's out there now and who is killin it with style! Drifters.. keep it up.. keep it safe! I Love the shiz! Audio crews.. I'm hearing less and less.. what's going on?