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  1. What are those?

    work ssr sp1's?
  2. What is this?

    i believe its a stock ECU (engine control unit), basically its like a computer which tells the engine what to do based on the information/inputs that it is given. i was wrong, its actually the abs control unit http://brake-abs-control-unit.dvautoparts.com/discount-store/99-jdm-s15-nissan-silvia-w-jqjomjnkkjpi
  3. 4 to 5 stud conversion

    front hubs and some 5 stud wheels that can clear big brakes
  4. NS/HT Member Pack! Only $5!

    just bought some nissan silvia for life ! i'll try staying with it as long as i can
  5. Another RB25 S14 build

    well done !! nice to see you smoke cars that costs much much more ha ha
  6. wreckers/parts recyclers near knox area

    you tried osaka imports?
  7. Red goes faster 180SX UPDATE - 250kw, E85, Poncams

    kinda sad to you de-registered after you've been with it on the road for more than a decade. but its going to better places i suppose. i think it would be a beautiful track car , cant wait to see it got another daily yet ? or do you have a particular one in mind?
  8. 180SX body kits

    i think its by "GP sports"
  9. Help: Paint code for this red!

    aj4 i believe
  10. thx for the thread op i've been wanting to make some donations after i heard the news on monday.
  11. Jasinex's JDM S15

    mmm your s15 is hot! and that DVD screen added to it just makes your dash look tops.
  12. Carjackings - NSW

    "when he was attached at 1am" i wonder who writes these things... hope one day karma hits them car thieves bad.
  13. how to remove masking tape residue

    windex / glass cleaner (use newspaper or a descent clean rag) prepsol -melts through sticky residue (it is safe to use on the body)
  14. red na180sx ----56k warning! :S

    yeah it's hard to find them in good condition! mines going to be mint what are your plans for this? -atm it has a blown front muffler therefore i am trying to find one somewhere. they car drones a fair bit every time i accelerate.(i roll up the windows so i cant really hear it...cant say what other people think though lol) -touch up the front bumper (has cracks) using body filler and touch up paint. -touch up pillars and rear spoiler (faded paint) -changing the red boot for the gear stick to genuine 180 boot. -Lower it (feels a bit like a 4wd sometimes lol)(and tein ss so its adjustable with some c spanners.) and that's all i can think of for now. thanks alot ^____^