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  1. Price : $1,250 Condition : Used Genuine Work Rezax Wheels 18x8 +9 18x9 +13 5x114.3 PCD No tyres Good condition, a few little nicks and scratches, as to be expected from used wheels, can get close up photos for interested people. No major guttering, no bends, etc etc. All centre caps included. Includes centre cap spanner $1250 I will ship at buyers expense or pick up in Newcastle area
  2. Newcastle Spotted Thread

    I'll get some more shots soon. Work Rezax
  3. Newcastle Spotted Thread

    Spotted me now on 18s...
  4. Newcastle Spotted Thread

    Cos it's easier? Who knows, i was just on my way to buy something to cook for dinner too...
  5. Newcastle Spotted Thread

    Spotted a cop sending me to the EPA because there was nothing on my car he could defect me for and I have a noise test certificate for it already. Annoying.
  6. Newcastle Spotted Thread

    That and i avoided it for a while due to some virusy crap going on! :\
  7. Newcastle Spotted Thread

    I've been meaning to sell them for about a year now, resprayed them in 2 pak silver a while ago so they are all nice. Was going to ask NO PRICES OR ADVERTISING IN HERE ish for them. take it to pm guys.! Edited
  8. Newcastle Spotted Thread

    EDITED! No Advertising in Spotted Section.. I'm selling my PIAAs Lenny.
  9. Newcastle Spotted Thread

    Hehe i'm thinking of selling a whole bunch of stuff i'm not using in the shed!
  10. Newcastle Spotted Thread

    Lol. 3 cars, 2 motorbikes, 3 overseas trips next year it's looking like. I could keep them all but it's not very practical having the Datto in the shed taking up space and also having me not working on it cos I have no time etc. Going to start clearing out my spares that I'm never going to use now as well, not as much call for spares laying all over the shed now that I don't drift much anymore!
  11. Newcastle Spotted Thread

    Spotted me thinking of selling the Datto....
  12. Newcastle Spotted Thread

    Ah k, yeah probably not me, the stickers all over the back usually give it away too . I wasn't far away from there, but i wasn't at Trono.
  13. Newcastle Spotted Thread

    Ah well no wonder I didn't notice, I would have been a bit hungover too that weekend lol! Trono? Would been Warners Bay or Cardiff wouldn't it?
  14. Your latest mod..........

    You didn't have castor rods already Ben? Still got to get that AC pump for you btw...
  15. Newcastle Spotted Thread

    Saw a couple of cars over the weekend, dark grey Silvia, think it had a Nismo front bar, not sure, going the other way near garden city and a silver type X near marathon stadium .