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  1. Hi guys, I have a standard s15, and sick of the plain look so i purchased an aero kit (skirts, pods) just a little confused on how to do the side skirts. has anyone had experience with doing the skirts? as stock factory s15's dont have screw points underneath. If not could anyone suggest a well known body shop? i live in sydney nsw. thanks looks very weak and lonely without the kit.
  2. s15 Aero kit help

    http://i637.photobucket.com/albums/uu96/robt809/20100924184711.jpg see what i mean?
  3. s15 Aero kit help

    Has anyone had experience with putting them on? or does anyone here know a body shop in sydney (i live in kogarah)
  4. s15 Aero kit help

    I honestly have no idea man, it's only annoying me because i just want the skirts on the car they are painted and ready to go. The pods remain in undercoat for now but yeah. it just brings the car down
  5. s15 Aero kit help

    I obviously know the sides of the skirts are to be drilled, but underneath there are 5 screw points. Underneath my 15 doesn't have those so im wondering if i should just self tapper them underneath of just leave it ? if you guys are confused i am willing to show you photos
  6. s15 Aero kit help

    real man, but im scared to screw underneath my car for the skirts lol. no idea what to do at all
  7. Aero kit help

    Hi guys, I have a standard s15, and sick of the plain look so i purchased an aero kit (skirts, pods) just a little confused on how to do the side skirts. has anyone had experience with doing the skirts? as stock factory s15's dont have screw points underneath. If not could anyone suggest a well known body shop? i live in sydney nsw. thanks
  8. Aero kit help

    as you can see it needs the extra touch of the skirts and rear pods.. type r front lip
  9. hey guys, I've been looking everywhere for an aero bar as this is basically a last resort. (forgive me if i look stupid for posting this here) I have been searching for a while now, and almost about to give up. I am hoping one of you guys would possibly have a aero bar, which no longer has use or you no longer like on your s15. I prefer the colour pearl white and i will pay cash for the bar. The bar must be an original not a fibreglass copy (NO INTERCOOLER CUTS) all factory! Contact me by text: 0424505028 or pm me please thanks guys
  10. Aero bar

    how do you pay streeter?
  11. Aero bar

    yeah i know what you mean man, my dad wont trust it. times like this i had my own card for gods sake lol i was just hoping there would be an owner out there who is over aero look and just selling it
  12. Aero bar

    i cant be bothered importing man.. legit i just want to buy one here i got the cash all ready to go! so annoying man..
  13. Hi guys, was driving my car the other night.. At first I saw light flickers, I assumed something was wrong but ignored. A few moments later I thought I had stalled the car, however I was wrong. I thought I set off a car alarm (the usual loud exhaust) however the noise was coming from my car.. All electrics were gone and there was no crank!! Once a friend came and touched this "thing" which connects to the battery terminal, it disappears and was driveable.. But I t keeps coming loose which leads to the same thing. What's the problem? And if known.. Could anyone give me an auto electricians number.. Someone who comes to the car though as its undriveable! Thanks guys!!!
  14. S15 side skirts

    Hey guys, just purchased a pair of s15 side skirts. Just wondering if anyone else has an s15 that did not come with skirts from factory and has bought skirts (jap spec) as i dont have the bottom mounting/screw areas.
  15. My girl Silvia

    Hello to my fellow silvia friends, I'm meant to be studying but i thought I'd do something more useful such as a little thread on my car! The Story: Basically started to work with my father and help him out with our family business, saved up as much as i possibly could and purchased with the help of my dad a S15 To be honest i was heading in the direction of Type R's and Sr20ve's but i wanted to "stand out from the crowd". When i purchased the car, i must admit it wasn't at its full potentional.. the tyres were bold, hadn't been moved in 3 months.. my friends basically thought the car was a piece of ****. It was my mind set goal to actually build up the car to its full potential (which i still haven't succeeded) What I've done so far: Sprayed rims black (Got rid of them) Koya rg tek rims 225 front 235 back Adjustable coilovers (came with car) Full 2.5" annoying exhaust (needs better resonator) Slotted Rota disks front/rear Sprayed calipers (extra 25kw) Kenwood touch screen/system LED Tailights What i plan/wish to do: Give the car more power (impossible) Respray the whole car with a complete Aero body kit (pods,skirts, bar) New coilovers Suspension mods Stance it out Window visors/Rear Change the plates Photos: When i first bought it! notice the queen st sticker lol Most recent post with new shoes! Tailights, annoying twin tip LOL getting a wash I appreciate any positive or negative comments about my car, it gives me the motivation to fix things or add new things the car has been modified to my personal liking so far! Thanks guys
  16. My girl Silvia

    Update: Getting car serviced soon Either replacing whole exhaust for 2 1/4" or changing resonator and muffler (cannon)
  17. My girl Silvia

    Engine bay Needs tidying up!
  18. n/a 180sx

    A work of art man! Keep it up
  19. My girl Silvia

    Thats awesome man.. Looking forward to it! Be great to see other peoples cars and hear their stories amd experiences
  20. My girl Silvia

    What type of cars do you guys drive?
  21. Another goddamned Westinghouse S15

    Man please keep updating, its so nice..
  22. My girl Silvia

    Already done a clean audio system! Jusy saving up money for a few more new mods.. One of my last mods will be recaros's, however i see no point as its not a "real" s15 with power haha! Im from hurstville area! I get my p's in january man will be sure to cruise then
  23. My girl Silvia

    i got koya rg tek atm, i get bored and change easily i used to have a tech rims on them but they got boring
  24. My girl Silvia

    thanks man! okay well, yes the paint is mint!! however, it resprayed to a pearl white. not sure of the code which may be an issue when it comes to side skirts and any other aero parts im interested in! personally i would love it to be full areo with those rims sprayed white also! So it may be my big plan to do that.. Or attempt to match the paint code! It is an autech, runs beautifully for now and is driven only once every few weeks! will be daily driven next year when i get p's
  25. My girl Silvia

    thanks man! nismo cluster! got lucky with that one Actually have no shots of the new updated interior so i will get back to that! The photo system is very annoying 2MB per file -.- Engine bay is a bit.. Eh not to my liking at the moment, was actually thinking of changing the intake piping, getting new battery/tray/terminals also to make it look cleaner. Also going to make a custom intake box!