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  1. Yeah I have a ball bearing GT28RS (disco potato? Why do they call them that..?) and I've always been able to hear it spinning after turning the engine off, but now it has a very distinct 'ring' to it, like little bells.


    Squeak from the wheel stops when I touch the brake and is loudest when doing under 10km/h, like in a car park. The faster I go, the quieter it gets.

  2. I have 2 unusual noises coming from my S15.


    One is a "ringing" sorta noise coming from the turbo (noise continues for about 15 - 20 seconds after turning off the engine) and one is a "squeak" or "chirp" with every wheel rotation from one rear wheel... This only started when I got new brake pads. I took it back to the guys that installed the pads and they said it was a rock but the noise seems to be getting a bit louder each day. Doesnt matter whether the car is cold, warm or hot for either of the noises.


    I have heard that it may be the bearings in the turbo and the rear bushes being dry/worn? Any opinions/suggestions?


    Thanks in advance, Sam.