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  1. Price : $30 Condition : Used Hey guys I bought a T28 Ball bearing turbo without an oil drain and i need one, ive been to donny at forced and didn't have any, not too keep to modify mine.
  2. S13 SR20DET Z32 Blow Thru set up

    Yeah i've seen it done too, im just not really too overly exicted about chopping up my cooler piping and then having to find out that its wasnt worth the relocation, thanks for the help No need to be rude but thanks for the response, I know its not rocket science but it never hurts to be too sure. Especially when i've never done this before. But if i chop the section out and replace it with silocne joiners and hose clamps wont it be unstable ? Do you know what amp wire i should be using ? Cheers !! thanks for the insight, im just a bit hesitant about choping up my cooler piping, do you have any pics of the setup. Im kind of afraid by replacing the cooler pipe section with the afm and silocne joiners will be unstable and flop around etc like not as secure as the original piping would be. I've heard great things about it but im considering keeping it in the factory position just so i can have the airbox and prevent it from getting wet although having an open turbo would sound GREAT
  3. Hey guys, ive been furiously thrashing the search button for a clear answer to the above question. Does anyone have a guide to installing a Z32 AFM 'blow through' aka when the AFM goes inb4 the throttle body on the cold side. Wanna know how to install it, how to entend the factory afm wires to reach and what amp/wire to use. how hard it is and if anyone wants to throw their two cents in thats more than welcome.
  4. 92' Nissan 180sx 'Sienna'

    HAHAHA that's the way, it's still a 6 banger at the end of the day
  5. 92' Nissan 180sx 'Sienna'

    Not even sure dude. I suffer from a condition known well on this forum as boost withdrawl meaning I can't live without boost, I'll tell the cops this if they ever pull me over
  6. 92' Nissan 180sx 'Sienna'

    HAHA not for a while dude, another two years
  7. 92' Nissan 180sx 'Sienna'

    Also thought I'd throw this i here, exhaust note isn't too bad http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2B_u8AAVjHs
  8. 92' Nissan 180sx 'Sienna'

    Bit of an update; Recently minor serviced her (Very meticulous even when the previous owner assured me he'd done it !) Decided that while I had her up on stands I'd I go for the brakes next. Upgraded to a set of RDA Slotted front rotors as they were close to minimal mm yet rears were fine, padded them up with the blue stuff pads as well Also thought it was a good idea to slap together a boost gauge, picked up the gauge i had rolling around my room and threw it on, talk about JDM :p Upgraded my headlights to Phillips XtremeVision +35 or +40 H4 Bulbs ! Wanted a bit more from my brights but hate the look, hum and sheer blinding tendency that H.I.Ds have ! Also threw in my stereo - was sick of rolling in silence only having my turbo keep me company Was the biggest pain in the ass to get this 4 gauge wire in compared to the previous owner's 8 gauge. And to my dismay, after removing the battery i see this dirty big 3" hole staring straight through to the ground ! Decided whilst I'm stuck with this hole now I may as well tidy it up ! Got a wheel alignment done at my local Bob Jane, only to realise that the aftermarket caster arms and standard springs give this increased steering sensitivity that I don't care for much, I much prefer a more solid direct steering feel ! And on a final note, thought I'd throw this in here - Who ever said jap cars aren't practical !!
  9. 92' Nissan 180sx 'Sienna'

    Hi Guys, Finally decided to join my fellow Nissansilvia brethren and create an account and post Just wanna introduce you all to my recently purchased & daily driven 180 'Sienna' Motor, Transmission, Exhaust & Mechanical. -1992 -Redtop - Non VCT SR20DET -182,734kms -5 Speed - Short Shifter -Pod-filter -3" to 2.5" GKtech Cooler - not return feed so a huge hole in the battery plate -Standard Cat, Removed mufflers & some cannon Interior. -Climate Control - all working condition, gets hot & cold QUICK ! only drama is I can't get half the module illuminated - changed bulbs (out of ideads) -Electric Windows -Black Nismo Gear Knob -Immobiliser, Central locking & Alarm system -Greddy Turbo timer -Drift Button -'Personal' Steering wheel -R32 GTR Front seats Steering & Suspension. -5-Stud Conversion - Not sure whether they're modified original hubs, R33 or Ford - they're a weird setup (hopefully will post pics) -R32 GTR wheels - Bunnings Warehouse Matte Black can job ;p -Standard Springs in Pedders struts - Came with 'G4 Racing' Front coilovers - never heard of the brand but were noisy as f**k Paint. -Hideous Silver Respray - Bonnet and roof sprayed black (86 panda style wannabe) It's pretty rough, not very clean an obvious backyard job. The car was originally white.. I wish the previous owner left it white Temporary plans are to throw it back on coilovers, gloss black Ford territory wheels and bump up the boost to 11/12PSI Eventual Plans. 200RWK - T28BB -16/17PSI, Z32 AFM, Full Turbo back exhaust, Upgraded exhaust manifold, S15 or nismo 555 Injectors, R32 or walbro/bosch Fuel Pump & Nistune Full type X Kit (including Spoiler) & interior Respray back to white - hopefully blue pearl in it too Sunroof Tien or BCs coilovers sitting just neat on Volk CE28n's or a set of black XD9's Feel free to throw some comments, opinions and tips etc if ya got some. cheers, xo.