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  1. Cams and springs…..

    sweet as ill just reuse stock retainers as there all goood are you talking about the springs being fine or the retainers??
  2. Time to put this to bed….

    Its A defi tacho its a defi tacho its smaller than the original.. So no i dont want a "Monster tacho"
  3. Time to put this to bed….

    I have the manual on cd but coudnt find the ecu pinout in it.. do u know what catergory it comes under? Just want a different look thats all
  4. Cams and springs…..

    haha one more question… can i use the stock retainers on tomei springs?
  5. Cams and springs…..

    Thanks for the responses guys.. i will be upgrading springs as well now.. thanks for the info guys
  6. Time to put this to bed….

    Ok.. so ive been searching all over the net and keep finding so much contradicting information on which wire the "tacho" wire is on a auspec s15 ECU. some sources say it a green/yellow wire in pin 3 others say it a lilac/orange wire in pin 2 Can someone that has wired a tacho to a auspec ecu and got results please tell me which wire to connect to. Its driving me mental.. Cheers
  7. Cams and springs…..

    Yeh thats what i thought they are right there but at the end of the day it comes down to money as well. if i were to change the srpings as well what brand would you guys recommend or have you used. Tomei , Brian Crower or any others.
  8. Cams and springs…..

    hey guys, I was just wondering what people have done with their sr's when upgrading cams. I only want to go to a 256 step cam but im not sure if i need to change the springs when i do that? Tomei state that they should just drop straight in with no need to change springs i just wanted to see if anyone has done this without changing springs Cheers
  9. S15 Dmax bonnet

    If you can get genuine than i would rather that save me all the hassles with buying a cheap one.. i PMD you Antonio
  10. S15 Dmax bonnet

    Cheers guys.. I looked up the type 2 bonnet and cant seem to find it although i do like the look of some of origins kits.. thanks for the info
  11. S15 Dmax bonnet

    Hey guys, i Know there are alot of shonky bodykit shops out there who claim to have fitting kits but infact there a mile out.. im looking at buying a dmax style bonnet for my 2001 s15 and i was wondering where would be the best place to get it.. what experiences have you had with kit shops and where do you think i should go to get the best fitting bonnet possible. Im in QLD but don't mind paying freight if it means i'm gonna get a good quality product. Cheers guys
  12. small miss under 3000rpm

    Hey guys.. my car developed a small miss down low.. under 3000rpm it misses but once it goes over it dissapears.. Any suggestions as to what it could be? Any feedback would be awsome.
  13. Strut brace on my S15 pulling car to the left

    ok ill give it a go and see how it goes.. Thanks man
  14. Hey guys, I Installed a strut brace on my S15 a while ago. But I had to remove it to change my plugs as one of the coilpacks was underneath it. When I put It back on and took it for a test drive I noticed the car wanting to pull to the left. It never done this before I removed it. Ive tried adjusting it but it hasn't helped. Any ideas as to why this would be happening?? Cheers for any feedback
  15. hey guys, Im looking for a computer for an 2000 S15 sr20DET.. Does anyone have a spare one laying round that has no problems. or does anyone know where i can get one?? thanks for the help..