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  1. lol nah i never let it go below a quarter of a tsnk so it doesnt pick up ne crud and its got half a tank in it now??? what a pain on a friday arvo...
  2. Hey guys bit bored so i thought i would start a thread about where you guys like to take photos of your rides?? And what sort of effects you like to use in your pics?? I live by the beach and love taking snaps of my car close to the water looks so mint and i dont mind the old Industrial Esate specially in greyscale love the eeeerryyy look...
  3. S15 vacuum line help

    so where would be the best place to run a t piece for a BOV between the T piece that is there and the factory boost controller???
  4. Boost Gauge installing problems S15

    This is not the way to do it. If the plastic T cracks or the line to the gauge develops a leak it will affect the fuel pressure, not good. Where did you hook your guage to dude.. im about to one in also and wanna know the best spot to tap into??
  5. Boost Gauge installing problems S15

    I assuming when people say connect into the hose going into the BOV your talking about the small one connected to the top right???
  6. Hey guys.. Ive been looking for a a Dual Guage A pillar Pod for my S15 but havent had much luck in finding one.. Ive heard that the R34 Dual Guage A pillar Pod Fits nicely with just a little bit of modification to the top of the pillar.. I was just wondering if anyone has done this before or knows where i can get a A pillar pod set for an S15?? Cheers Guys
  7. s15 Standard Bov...

    I Also blocked the hole but i noticed the opposite to what most people are saying.. yeh the boost comes on sooner but ive found that it doesnt seem to pull as hard anymore.. i think illl be removing it and bying a GFB recirc valve...
  8. Hey mate where did you get your center console from??
  9. K&N Airfilter Cleaning..

    Hey guys i was just wondering what you guys use to clean your airfilters mine is a K&N.. I know you can buy a kit specifically for cleaning them but it seems like you could clean it with normal household appliances. What it is your experience and applications for cleaning your airfilters..
  10. K&N Airfilter Cleaning..

    ok so after some research K&N wreckon that there product does not cause the maf sensor to be clogged with oil.. so ill be off to get a K&N cleaning kit..
  11. K&N Airfilter Cleaning..

    sweet as cheers... as for the re oiling ive heard they can clog up the air flow sensor opinions on this???
  12. Hey guys i was just wondering if anyone has used powertunes SR20 LOW MOUNT TUNE LENGTH MANIFOLD.. If so how do you find it??

    righto my bad lads... righto my bad lads...

    how is that f**king weird??? sorry all of us dont know everything bout every product out there for sr's like you two... whats the use of this forum if ya cant ask questions...

    how is that f**king weird???
  16. hey guys would like to hear what EBC everyone is running and why you chose that particular one..

    yeh cheers man thats what i was after.. peoples personal opinion of them not just to read the info about them...

    No Ok no dramas if i was to order a set where would i get the gaskets from can you recommend a place?? im in QLD
  19. thats it whenever i see somewhere that i think will look ok i just pull up have a good look around and see what would be the best option for a pic.. no point taking a pic of a green car infront of a bunch of green bushes unless your doing a camo shoot lol... Ok i was gonna put it in the photo section but thought it might get abit more attention in here.. just so everyone could share their knowledge..

    Do these kits come with gaskets??
  21. hey guys when im getting stuck into my S15 there is a rattle somewhete in the engine bay anf im unsure of what it is... it doesnt happen when im driving normal just when pushing it hard. just wondering if anyone else has had this problem?? cheers
  22. rattle in engine bay when boosting hard...

    Hey guys.. so the problem is gone... i siphoned the shittty fuel out and filled up with vortex98 and shes running all smooth again i also bought an octane booster to run through to make sure it was all sweet.. Thanks for the help guys i was a lil worried..
  23. rattle in engine bay when boosting hard...

    i live in bowen mate.. no dynos here... anyone no of any in mackay or townsville??
  24. rattle in engine bay when boosting hard...

    Oh true well id say it would be the fuel then cus i only put in standard unleaded this afternoon as the premium pumps were out of order... when i fill up next with premium if it still does it then its obviously the timing.. would that be rite?
  25. rattle in engine bay when boosting hard...

    tell me about it i checked the manifold and its all sweet i think . i hope its not something internally... im planning on working it...but not in the next few months.. lol thats why i thought i would start this thread so if anyone has had any rattles in the engine bay they could post what it was and how it was fixed... loooking foward to hearing some stories...